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Marketing materials with an effective call to action

bbodance banners

For companies of all sizes marketing collateral carries your brand and tells your story powerfully and effectively. Having professional materials can show what you can bring to the market for your clients with an effective call to action that will develop conversions.

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Creativity in marketing lays in context, tone of voice & goal's consistency

Creative marketing

For the greater majority of times your marketing strategies and creative strengths are what make your brand or product stand out from the crowd, like it did, for example, with Deadpool when they announced the blockbuster movie and real size stands were distributed to thousands of cinemas around the globe. However, there are times when that creative talent misses the mark completely and the campaign doesn’t even warrant a second glance.

Creativity is more than just a part of the marketer’s toolkit; it is that extra something which makes your brand stand out from the already burgeoning crowd of competitors. Have a look around – don’t they all have that ‘look-alike’ feel to them? What you need is the added flair creativity brings to imprint your campaign in peoples’ minds.

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Arts marketing, communication & design digest: November

november digest

In this month's digest, we explore consumer motivations to engage with content, we report on why the UK should stay in Creative Europe and why traditional PR may be facing extinction.

We also explore how to connect the online and offline consumer experience, as well as why brands shouldn't focus on short term marketing effectiveness. Finally, we examine the multi-layered marketing strategy Consider This implemented for Liverpool Theatre School to boost its online presence.

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Graphic design for print: get the best out of it

get the best out of printing

There are some differences between graphic design for print and for the web you need to know. Sometimes, even with the benefits of a high quality commercial printing service, what you see on the screen isn’t quite what you get when you have your design printed.

Getting that design from your screen to the paper in this digital day and age is not as easy as it first appears. You may be a wonderful designer and be a whizz kid on the computer but, when it comes down to taking it to the print shop to have a physical copy, you could be let down.

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    Stagecoach Performing Arts has had a long and successful relationship with Consider This who have supported our Franchise network with design and print for many years...
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