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ALRA 2015-16 Prospectus Design

Clean, contemporary, modern, direct and representative. These are the key elements of the ALRA 2015-16 prospectus. Information delivered in a concise way, little fuss, just the facts.

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We partnered with ALRA in late 2014 to refresh their brand and bring their products to market with a unified approach, the new prospectus is the latest incarnation of the new appearance ALRA now have. Our main goal was to create a handbook style prospectus that delivers the content quickly in both visual language and course content.

We produced the design using large introduction images, leading to mosaic pages, with three or six images. We wanted to display the variety of learning, students, shows and styles accessible to prospective pupils.

Clean information design, surrounded by white space, symmetrical positioning and simple grid structures all lead to help focus the reader on what's important. 'What you need to do to get there' and 'What you do when you are there.'





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  • European Business Awards Certificate
  • FSB Business Award
  • Marketing, PR, & Communication Award 2015
  • Top Best Three Rated: Marketing Award
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