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Dance UK | Rebranding the Dance UK Magazine

Our client Dance UK asked us to redesign its magazine with the aim of creating a much wider appeal - to encompass all dance genres.

Dance UK is the national voice of dance and was founded in 1982 to tackle the big issues facing the dance sector as a whole.

Previously the magazine was issued four times a year and focused on Dance UK news. The fresh full-colour magazine is set to be published twice a year. It will make for an interesting read with content being much more industry-led and addressing topical concerns. The current issue focuses on pay rates, a key concern that is continuously being raised by members, and features contributors Sho Shibata (Producer, StopGAP Dance Company and Monique Deletant (Administrative Directo, Akademi) and Helen Laws (Manager, National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS).

On the front cover, Dance UK’s corporate logo has been replaced with a header, solely for the magazine’s own use, with a sharp, modern, new look. This was to create a distinction between the brand and the nature of the magazine. The logo font has been used throughout the headers for brand continuity, and the colour has been chosen to reflect the most dominant colour of each image on the page. For readability, each article features "shouts" and a greater use of images that are eye-catching. The text has been arranged around the dancers’ movement or the structure of the image.

The magazine’s rebrand also rolls out new marketing materials. Members will benefit from more frequent e-bulletins in between each edition, keeping them up-to-date with the latest dance news, jobs and auditions.

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