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E-mail Marketing Service

In this digital age, most people access their e-mails from their mobile devices, thus making the use of an e-mail marketing service capable of delivering successful e-mail marketing campaigns one of the best ways to directly approach your target audience and engage with your customers.

If you haven't already integrated e-mail marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy, we strongly recommend that you do so.

Our e-mail marketing solution is a cost effective method you can utilise to attract new customers and create awareness for your brand. It's also a great way to engage and stay in touch with your existing customer base, informing and updating them on the latest news, services and offers from your company.

E-mail marketing platform

We first look at your objectives and use this to form a strategy that will deliver results. Our team of experts ensure that your e-mail campaign stands out, from the e-mail template design to the subject line and the content within, and is 100% mobile-friendly, which in turn increases your e-mail open rates.

With our e-mail marketing tool you can:

  • Create branded e-mail templates that are easy to manage and distribute to your target market
  • Create multiple e-mail databases and mailing lists
  • Manage subscribers and market to your preferred demographic target
  • Manage campaign analytics and utilise results for improved marketing segmentation
  • Conduct spam and compatibility tests across all major platforms
  • Schedule e-mails to go out at your preferred date and time

Signup forms

With our e-mail platform system you can also use signup forms to build your audience and introduce your services or share your marketing news to potential new customers. If you require a simple 'subscribe to our newsletter' or 'subscribe to our e-mails' button or a form embedded into your website to create a seamless signup experience and match your web design, we can do just that. We can even draw up competitions and prizes so that your customers are motivated to sign up.


Our e-mail marketing platform tool also enables you to test, track and optimise your e-mails with its real-time interactive data and analytics. How your audiences are reacting to your message is a focal part of your e-mail strategy as this allows you to learn what works and what needs improvement. We also offer A/B testing within our e-mail marketing platform to better test your messages.

For more information or a demonstration of how our e-mail marketing tool works, please get in touch.


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