Social media time waster #2: losing the social element

Social media time waster #2: losing the social element

Previously in our social media time wasters blog series, we introduced our readers to the problems wasting time on social media could cause for businesses and highlighted the first 'time waster': joining too many networks. Here is a quick summary of the main points that were made:

  • Joining too many social media networks causes the inability to devote the amount of time required to grow and develop each account.
  • This hindered growth will ultimately lead to failure in producing desired results, as well wasted effort and resources on account of targeting networks where your target audience may not even be active in.
  • The solution: adopt a narrower focus, which will involve careful selection of social networks based on the implementation of strategic experimentation to pinpoint the most suitable channels for your particular business.

Read the blog in more detail.

Losing the social element

Aside from joining too many networks, another equally threatening social media time waster is losing the social element.

What does 'losing the social element' mean? Put simply, it is when businesses forget to be social on social media, even though this the fundamental purpose of such networks.

Many businesses seem to believe that all it takes to be successful on social media is setting up an account, publishing posts about their company and services, and then simply waiting for the 'magic' to happen (i.e. traffic to their website). This could not be farther from the truth!

Building website traffic using social platforms requires more effort than that, and being social lies at the very centre of that effort.

Thus, if you plan on using your social media accounts for nothing other than sharing your latest blog posts or special offers, you will be missing out on the opportunity to develop a connection with your audience, which can only be obtained by consistent engagement.

The solution

Engagement does not need to be limited to customers; you can also get involved in conversations with other brands. This type of interaction on social media can be quite effective in catching the attention of your audience, as several known brands have demonstrated:

As well as this, there are a few simple steps revolving around your customers / followers which you can implement to ensure you are making the most of the social nature of social media platforms. These include:

  1. Social listening - This is the practice of monitoring social media conversations for mentions of your business or topics which are relevant to your business. You will be able to find these easily by conducting searches using the right keywords.
  2. Get involved - Once you have found the right conversations, the next step is, of course, getting involved in them. For maximum engagement, make sure you are targeting the most appealing / trending topics in your industry, as this will help you maintain conversations that are not only interesting, but also current. For example, a Spotify user recently shared on Twitter how she creatively used a playlist to confess to her crush, prompting Spotify to join the conversation by responding in kind. Their response generated high levels of engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of brands getting involved in the right conversations.   
  3. Be responsive - No one likes a one-way conversation, so make every effort to reciprocate if customers interact with you. Even if you are not able to respond to every single comment, be sure to give attention to really important comments / questions made by your followers.

These are just a few of the ways you can interact with your audience and encourage them to interact with your business. Considering that businesses which actively engage with their audience on social media are more likely to build loyal customers than those that do not, we encourage you to adopt these steps in order to start reaping the rewards.

Not sure how to develop engagement with your followers? Then get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements with us today.

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