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Arts marketing, communication & design digest - April 2016

Promoted Pins In UK

This month we look at Pinterest’s recent announcement of adding promoted pins in for UK advertisers, something that has already seen companies Tesco, John Lewis and B&Q come on board. Google launched their AMP project with the aim to improve the way content is accessed on mobile devices. We also discuss Facebook’s launch of “Canvas” – a new interactive marketing tool for mobile advertisers, which was very popular on their launch in New York. If you’re a dance or performing arts school don’t miss out on our 10 tips to market yourself in a cost-effective and efficient way. Finally, are infographics still effective in your marketing strategy? Some companies include it whereas others don’t. Read more for more examples.

Pinterest enables Promoted Pins for UK advertisers

This month, Pinterest launched their latest addition to their site called Promoted Pins and have attracted companies such as Tesco, John Lewis and B&Q as early users.

The website has been growing massively since its inception in 2010 and allows its users to share photos and ideas like they might do on a physical pin board. In fact the site now boasts over 100 million users worldwide and is growing every day in the UK. In fact, reports show that there are up to 1.6billion items posted per day from Britain with particular emphasis on DIY, recipes and home decoration.

However, Promoted Pins takes the site one step further. These are paid-for ad units similar to the ones posted by the registered users and are designed in such a way that they will enhance any search criteria inputted and are now available on a self-serve basis to Pinterest registered users.

2015 was spent by the Pinterest marketing team in liaising with British brands in order to make its presence in the UK more widely accepted. Companies such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco and even Manchester United have all climbed on board. Over in the USA, they are trialling a ‘BUY NOW’ button with Macy’s and Nordstrom and we’re sure it won’t be long before that is rolled out worldwide.

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How Google's AMP will influence your online marketing

Google have launched their AMP Project which is a way of improving the accelerating of content to mobile devices.

How it works is by dispensing with the traditional HTML route of supplying mobile content by stripping that down and using AMP HTML.

It is well documented by Google that the placement of a site’s link in their search results is governed by the page speed and just how mobile friendly your site has been designed. Stripped down: The faster your site, and the more mobile-ready it is, the better chance of having it seen and accessed by Google users.

Google is very important in the marketing and SEO stakes. It has evolved from being the company who simply provided web links to one that actually provides answers to the search query. That is why you need to make sure your site is fully functional with all new technology such as AMP. Speed equals more page views, fewer disgruntled users and therefore larger conversion from view to engagement from your visitors.

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Facebook launches interactive full-screen ads called Canvas

CANVAS is the latest offering from Facebook and had a very successful launch in New York last month.

It is a brilliant new interactive marketing tool for mobile advertisements. Unlike the Carousel ads, which allowed users to scroll through numerous images of items they may be interested in viewing, Canvas offers full-screen ads which load extremely quickly and are, to all intents and purposes, complete mini websites.

They can include slideshows, videos, full narratives and all contained in an interactive interface. The ad itself is almost identical to the native Facebook ads in your News Feed, the only difference being a ‘Tap to Open’ prompt. When you click through and are either finished viewing or just want to return to Facebook you simply click on the ‘X’ at the top of the page.

The feedback from the test group has been extremely positive with most users spending an average of 31 seconds on each ad and over 70 seconds on the better produced ones. More encouraging is the fact that 53% of the viewers consumed more than half the canvas.

What makes this even more exciting is that Facebook have made these ads easy to build. It’s all done through a web interface in real time with no coding or design skills required. Although it is worthwhile pointing out that the ads will only work on mobile devices.

If you would like to find out more about Canvas, then try it free at

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10 tips to market your dance or performing arts school

There are many potential dance students out there at various stages of decision making about attending a class. Some are simply thinking about it, some are only free on certain days while others only want to attend a class for a specific genre of dance. You need to capture them, and we have rounded up 10 very effective dance marketing strategies in which to do that.

Focus on your branding, website, social media, promotional merchandise, your app amongst other marketing activities for your dance or performing arts school.

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Infographics are dead - long live infographics

Every so often someone somewhere is mourning the death of one marketing strategy or another but, looking closely, you’ll find that many times this turns out to be a storm in a teacup. Hootsuite’s team recently raised very relevant points in this matter, specifically addressing one key marketing strategy: infographics. These have proven to be less and less effective in driving traffic and, since its peak between 2007 and 2012, have actually lost some of its original purpose.

We have evaluated the good, bad and ugly with examples of real improvements over the years, namely with the Arts Council infographics. Read our article for tips on how to approach your design and what can you achieve.

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