Digital Marketing Career advice at Brunel University

Career Advice at Brunel University London

Earlier this week, members of the Consider This team visited Brunel University London to speak to students aspiring towards a career in Design, Marketing and Web Development.

The students who attended this special talk are part of a module designed to give them insight into the recruitment methods, concepts and reasoning companies in the digital media sector utilise to find the right candidates, not just for placements but for graduate positions as well.

The module also gives students an idea of the various careers available to them, as well as tips for actions they could be taking or skills they could be developing now as second year students in order to better position themselves for future opportunities.

One of Brunel University’s most distinctive features is the commitment to including periods of work experience – sandwich placements – in many of its courses with the aim of helping students develop the practical knowledge and skills required to succeed in the competitive graduate job market.

The Digital Design course, for example, - one of the university's courses with a Professional Practice option - is recognised as one of the first and most successful creative digital design courses in the UK.

Consider This supports future graduates to pursue a career in the Marketing field

Consider This is committed to supporting our local community and future graduates with educational and advisory talks which will help guide them into careers that they’re passionate about, including Graphic Design, Creative Marketing, Web Development and more.

We hope the advice and tips our team shared with the students were useful and we look forward to working with many more universities in the future. Here's some of the feedback we received from the students:

They gave us some very valuable information and advice on careers and placements, I would have liked to ask them more questions and gain more knowledge from them.”

I think the presentation was interesting… I found it very useful and the PDF presentation was laid out clearly.”

Check out past career talks we have done at Featherstone High School.

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