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Bulletin | June 2015

This month some very interesting developments have been taking place. Taylor Swift took on Apple and won; it has been shown that more people are using their mobile devices for internet searches; Heineken is reaching out to its consumers to make the product more ‘cool and sexy’; Twitter is looking to become the world’s leading news channel and Google has rolled out an algorithm update.

Taylor Swift ‘fixes’ things on Twitter

Taylor Swift has taken on Apple through Twitter and won a victory for artists whose music is available on the new Apple Music. It had been announced by Apple that, during a three-month trial period, it would not be paying royalties to any of the musicians. In a highly controlled open-letter through her blog, Ms Swift pointed out that, if this were the case, then she would be withholding her latest album from the new streaming app.

Fans were so impressed by this victory they started to tweet asking her to solve all sorts of problems from the ridiculous: ‘please can you make it not rain at Glastonburyto the sublime: ‘can you please get Apple to allow us to delete unwanted Apple apps off our iPhones’.

Such is the power of music marketing!

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Over 50% of UK searches are made through mobile devices

Google announced that more than half of all UK web searches are now done via mobiles. Now, it has never been easier to book holidays, reserve tables at restaurants, purchase anything from books and music to holiday homes, with seemingly limitless options, whilst on-the-go. Even while browsing in a retail shop, you can google reviews on the item you are considering purchasing – making it easier than ever to make an informed choice.

However, with this luxury comes a slight problem: the attention span of the consumer has dropped. This means that now, more than ever, anyone with a website should be seriously looking at it through the eyes of the new digital consumer and making sure it is as mobile-friendly as it possibly can get.

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Heineken International asks for help with new campaign

This year Heineken is looking to promote a drink responsibly campaign by taking a ‘cool and sexy’ approach, in the hope that it will make the message more tangible in nightclubs and bars.

In order to attain this, it has kick-started a new project called Talent Lab, in which upcoming talent in five of its developing markets will be given the chance to submit their ideas. The company will be looking for the most creative use of design to make drinking sensibly more attractive. 

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Twitter wants to be the leading news channel

Called Project Lightning, Twitter is working on a major new live news feature that could put a new slant on social media management. This will be in the form of a new button that, when activated, will take the viewer to a new screen showing various events taking place around the world that are in the process of being tweeted about. Photos and videos will load instantly, allowing the user to follow events in real time. 

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New Google algorithm update rolled out

An update to the Google core search algorithm has taken place but, stress Google, it is nothing to do with the Panda algorithm – something that we expect to see updated shortly. Google is not giving out any further information but it was noticed that automated tracking tools showed huge spikes as a result of this change. Which just reiterates the need for web pages to be well-optimised – something that an SEO agency will be able to attain for your site.

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Astonishing Google Trends updates

The biggest update since 2012 has taken place with Google Trends, which includes real-time data and the integration of YouTube and Google News. Added to that is a new, redesigned homepage making it more focused on the topics that are currently trending. Stories that are being ranked highest on the search engine will be more easily tracked. Its data-sets will be published on its Github Page for a deeper analysis of trends and to give creative and marketing services a boost.

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