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Bulletin | May 2015

Keeping up-to-date with Marketing and PR news and events can sometimes be time consuming.

Even when you do have the time, there are probably many news items you may have missed. With that in mind, we have put together a snap shot of what's been happening recently in the changing landscape that we think you should know about:

Facebook - Instant Articles

It has taken quite a while but at last Facebook have launched a new, faster way to download and view content. Facebook Instant Articles not only allow viewers to get the content up to ten times faster than before but also allow publishers to upload their articles faster. This includes a range of media: text, embedded video, GIFs and audio.

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Obama hits 1m followers in just 5 hours

PresidentObama has broken the Guinness World Record – but for what? Well, in just 5 hours he managed to acquire 1 million followers on his new Twitter account @POTUS. Up until now he was using @WhiteHouse and @BarackObama but it was found that his staff were neglecting Tweets and not informing him of their existence. He has pledged that all the tweets emanating from his new account will be his own.

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Clerkenwell Design Week

Exciting things have been happening in Clerkenwell recently. Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 is a huge festival that packs a lot into a three-day programme. This year it was held between 19th and 21st May 2015. Farmiloe Building, used many times in films such as Batman and Inception, was converted into a showroom for the week. There are four floors dedicated to international and modern design as well as lighting and craftsmanship. Clerkenwell Green was also transformed into a dynamic, interactive installation where the public could reflect on Article 25’s approach towards giving life to communities.

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Spotify's New Features 

Spotify has introduced an innovative feature that is not only an attraction for listeners but also for advertisers. This new feature is called the NOW page and offers playlists themed to the time of day and what the listener is doing. For instance, you can have a Morning Commute playlist, or a Gym Workout playlist. This is a great opportunity for marketers, as they will be able to target users based on their activities.

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