CDET become CDMT

Yesterday was a very exciting day in the history of both Consider This UK and CDET.

We have been working together for over 18 years and have helped with an earlier significant rebrand, much of their marketing collateral, a few website builds, online web applications to manage their members, and we have always been proud supporters of everything they stand for. In particular, we are honoured to support their recognised school scheme for part-time and pre-vocational training. It is so important that pupils’ safety and good practice are encouraged within arts education, and CDET have been a leading light for this.

So, flash forward 18 years. Yesterday evening at the House of Lords in front of distinguished guests and members, the Council for Dance Education and Training became the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT). Baroness Hooper warmly welcomed us with further speeches from the Chair, Roger Bramble DL and Director, Glyndwr Jones. Rounding off the plaudits was Lord Deben who gave a heartfelt, rousing, inspirational speech. The renaming coincides with the repositioning of the organisation as the industry body quality assuring institutions delivering training, education and assessment in Drama as well as the existing Dance and Musical Theatre. Lord Deben beautifully described this as the “family coming together”.

We were delighted to play such an integral role in this rebranding and positioning of CDMT. Our reach into the industries of Dance and Drama training certainly helped smooth the transition. It was also a pleasure to see so many of our other clients and friends at the event to help celebrate such an important moment in the organisation's history. Congratulations CDMT, and here’s to the next 40 years.

Paul Taylor
Managing Director

  • Paul Taylor with John Travis from bbodance

    Paul Taylor with John Travis from bbodance

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