Delving into Instagram: Starting up

insta start up

To be a successful business in the world of digital marketing, one must learn to adapt to the ever-changing landscapes of social media. An online presence on one platform but not another is simply not enough to attract customers and promote your product or service in this day and age.

One particular platform, which has seen substantial growth over the last few years, is, you guessed it: Instagram. With over 400 million users and over 80 million posts each day, it is a vital component for any business looking to maximise its potential in the world of digital marketing.

Additionally, Instagram influences almost 75% of user purchase decisions, so a successful Instagram strategy is integral for any business.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of Instagram for your business.

Formulate Clear Objectives

Setting out clear targets to achieve for your Instagram account could be one of the ways to help keep your digital marketing strategy focused and in line with your goals. Different businesses use different strategies relevant to their objectives including:

  • Brand Awareness – Instagram is one of the perfect resources to increase Brand Awareness and to creatively inform other users the ethos and culture of your business.
  • Representing Customers – This is very popular within the fashion industry. By representing customers you also showcase your products, as well as building a good rapport with users and potential clients.
  • Gaining Followers – Perhaps you would like to gain followers and likes on your posts by a certain time frame, using relevant hashtags thereby increasing your popularity and acquiring trending posts.

Measure Your Results

Using Instagram’s Instagram for Business tool, businesses can now view key details such as who is viewing their content and which posts or hashtags are more successful between different demographics. Such data can be vital in establishing the success of your strategy and is an effective way of measuring your results.

Other analytical tools available online, such as the third party software Iconsquare, can also reveal very useful information such as posting at the right time of day and day of the week, to measuring followers gained through a period of time. This data can then be used to adjust your strategy depending on which areas are successful and which are not.


The way you present your business is crucial on a platform which prioritises creativity. Be sure to stay within your brand’s colour, font and themes to build a connection between you and the user.

Choosing the right high-quality images for your account could prove to be very rewarding. Make sure to choose photos or stock images which help build the right impression of your business to your audience.

Layout of your account

  • Username: Choose a suitable username which helps users identify your business immediately and one which enables for easy searching.
  • Profile Picture: Choose a picture which clearly shows your logo, making it easy for users to identify your profile with your brand.
  • Bio: Provide links to your website to drive traffic and make it easier for users to find out more about your company.
  • Content: The more unique, interesting and trendy your content, the more followers you will likely obtain. A smart or funny caption will also boost your likes. Don’t forget to include hashtags to increase awareness of your business!


Suitable hashtags are one of the proven methods of increasing your following by raising awareness of your posts, campaigns and brand.

Your main hashtag could be as simple as utilising the name of your business, thereby solidifying your brand identity and establishing brand awareness.

If possible, using unique hashtags could become hugely successful for your brand awareness. Once viral, there is no knowing how many people your hashtag could reach.

Responding to Negativity

A key challenge for many businesses in the 21st century is responding to negative comments left on social media. Social media is infamous for trolling and unjustified negativity which can impact brands unfavourably and ruin a hard built reputation. How you choose to respond could either produce a successful outcome or a PR disaster.

Responding to constructive criticism in a positive way while helping an agitated customer can prove to be useful in gaining respect and appreciation from followers. If someone has responded with a comment which is untrue, correcting them and providing the appropriate resources will prove beneficial to all of your followers.

Be sure to actively acknowledge complimentary and respectful comments to engage with your follower base and build strong rapport with potential customers.


From organising your objectives to measuring your results, using relevant visualisation tactics and choosing the right layout for your account, these useful tips should help your business gain more presence, increase customers and ultimately make more profit.

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