Marketing, communication & design digest: July 2017

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In this month’s digest we look at Europe’s digital trends and the change in their spending patterns. Is the web overtaking TV marketing? We also look at the continued rise in mobile marketing and the traffic surrounding it. Find out about the BBC’s phenomenal investment into children’s online services to fend off larger companies such as Amazon. Instagram has increased the pressure on Snapchat, read on to find out more.

Finally, discover more about the scandal surrounding Google, who were found guilty of manipulating their search results.

Europe digital trends: Online ad spend extends lead over TV

“Mobile and video are the powerhouses driving the European online advertising market...” according to Daniel Knapp, Senior Director TMT at HIS Markit. And he is right, as online advertising now has a €7bn lead over TV across Europe.

What has helped this growth take such strident steps is the creative innovation allowing a smoother integration of mobile and video ad formats into media content.

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Mobile marketing trends: UK smartphones now taking 50% of all traffic

Top UK brands are leading the way in Europe with 53% of online visits coming from smartphones – this is the largest recorded.

The records show that eCommerce is an activity taken by just under half of Europe’s smartphone users. This is a huge leap from the last survey where it was shown to be merely a third of users.

“Best of the Best brands are starting to take the lion’s share of mobile web traffic, but there’s more progress to be made.” David Burnand, Enterprise Marketing Director, Adobe EMEA commented.

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BBC pledges £34m investment in children’s services to stave off online competition

In order to stave off competition from the likes of Netflix and Amazon, the BBC have pledged an extra £34million to be spent on children’s programming over the next 3 years.

"Our ambition to reinvent the BBC for a new generation is our biggest priority for next year. Every part of the BBC will need to contribute to meeting this challenge,” stated Director General Tony Hall.

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Instagram Adds Video Replies to Stories, Increases Pressure on Snapchat

The battle between Instagram and Snapchat has started to heat up further. New tools are being added to Stories which lets the Instagram user interact in a fun way rather than just by text, as with Snapchat.

Instagram’s figures show that the number of people using their platform has expanded from 300million to 350million in only 16 months. This new option opens up other avenues for people to explore and find more exciting ways to connect through to your owned properties.

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Google algorithm update may be rolling out since June 25

Have you noticed any difference in your Google organic search traffic or rankings? Although Google say they are forever making updates, it appears that a very large search algorithm update has been rolling out since around the 25th June this year. Google, as usual, gave their standard reply when asked but based on industry chatter it seems to have been the case.

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Google fined a record €2.4 billion by the EU for manipulating search results

A seven-year investigation into Google’s search algorithms has ended with them being judged as having “abused its dominant position by systematically favoring” its own shopping comparison service. It achieves this by demoting competitors over its own system.

Google may appeal this decision in EU courts, possibly delaying a final resolution for years. At present the company faces two additional ongoing EU antitrust investigations: one targeting its AdSense business, and another regarding the deals it makes with Android phone manufacturers.

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