Essential Twitter tips for businesses and marketers

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As a digital marketer, managing multiple social media platforms can be difficult. At Consider This we are here to help and have five essential tips to share with you for a successful Twitter feed.

Twitter is very different to other platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn as, even though you are still representing your business, the tone is slightly more relaxed.

Firstly here are some definitions so you can understand the colloquialisms of Twitter:

  • Tweet: A post with a maximum of 140 characters (including spaces) which, as of September 2016, excludes visual media such as GIFs, polls, photos, quote tweets, etc.
  • Retweet: When a user re-shares a post from another Twitter account.
  • Feed: The stream of Tweets and Retweets from users you follow, which is visible on your Twitter home page.
  • Handle: Another term for username, for example the handle for Consider This is @ConsiderThisUK.
  • Mention: A way to reference a user by their username in a tweet (e.g. @Twitter). Mentions can be used to start conversations on Twitter, and users usually get notified when they are mentioned.
  • Direct Message: A private message sent to one of your followers. They can only be sent between mutual Twitter followers.
  • Hashtag: When a word or phrase has a “#” placed in front, for example #TwitterTips. Using hashtags is a great way to allow people with shared interests to find your posts and vice versa. Read more about the best practices for hashtags.

Great, now you are up to speed on the essential Twitter terms and definitions. Next up we have a list of top Twitter marketing tips which will help you use the platform effectively:

• Use keywords, hashtags and engaging media
• Encourage engagement and give credit
• Quality over quantity but consistency is key
• Utilise scheduling tools and practise frequent social listening
• Exercise patience and monitor your performance

1. Use keywords, hashtags and engaging media

Using discoverable keywords on your shared content can help to attract the right audience for your business. They help people find your page without having to know your company’s name. Thus, you will be positioned to connect with a more relevant audience.

Hashtags are a must, as they heighten the discoverability of your content. Like keywords, the use of hashtags will connect you to relevant audiences and like-minded individuals. Hashtagify is a good platform you can use to discover more relevant / popular hashtags to include on your social content.

Tweets that include media are proven to be more effective than text-only tweets. Take advantage of this by adding some images, videos or GIFs to your tweets, which in turn will help increase your follower engagement.

Check out Twitter's list of do’s and don’t’s for shared images for more insight.

2. Encourage engagement and give credit

To create a committed follower base you need to engage with your audience, it is important to build credibility. Retweet, quote and like other users' tweets that could be valuable to followers. This will help to build / nurture online relationships and attract new followers.

3.Quality over quantity but consistency is key

Build relationships with your key followers rather than focusing on the number of followers. Be consistent with the timing and tone of your posts. Use your content to add value to your followers not overwhelm them.
Tweet regularly, for example you could set Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as days to Tweet. Do treat your feed as an online bulletin board for only posting news about your business, mix it up by also sharing interesting and industry-relevant content which isn't related to your company.

For example, if you are a sports company tweet about upcoming competitions or if you are a marketing company tweet about current trends or upcoming marketing events. You must keep the content balanced as a general rule.

Experiment and find out what gets the best reaction from your followers!

4. Utilise scheduling tools and practise frequent social listening

It is a good idea to schedule Tweets to save time and increase your work efficiency. Try scheduling the posts a week in advance, which will be less of a time-consuming process if you have a weekly / monthly social content calendar with all your content already pre-planned.

Monitor your audience's conversations / discussions which either relate to your brand or general industry. This is called social listening and is one of the keys to social media success as it allows businesses and marketers to stay relevant, discover new opportunities, highlight and resolve potential issues and more.

5. Exercise patience and monitor your performance

Social media does not give you instant gratification, you may have to play the long game before seeing your desired results. Manage your expectations and recognise you will not gain hundreds of retweets, mentions or followers overnight. In doing so, you will be better equipped to focus on creating valuable relationships and communities with valuable content and consistent engagement, thereby organically increasing the number of quality followers and interactions.

Monitor your tweets and take note of those that perform well and those that don't. When you have a firm idea of what works adjust your strategy accordingly. You can also pin tweets that perform really well to the top of your feed to bring more attention to it and gain more engagement.

So remember, give value to your followers and don’t bombard them, keep the content balanced and regular, and have patience. You may not instantly get the results you are looking for but with some persistence and guides such as ours, you will eventually start to yield positive results.

If you need assistance with social media management, please get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

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