Facebook is improving how it tackles hate speech

facebook hate speech

Facebook’s Public Relations department have found themselves in a crisis as of late, with the company engulfed in a plethora of controversies from selling personal data of its users, to Russians using the site to meddle with the US elections, and for being used to spread hateful propaganda which enabled the Myanmar Genocide.

Some good news however, is the fact Facebook has been working hard to vastly improve the tools it uses to monitor its harmful and dangerous content.

With over 2 billion active users on a daily basis, each and every one of them will be offended by something unique to them. Now the most popular social media network is improving the ways to control the content that breaches policy and which must therefore be removed.

By continually improving their artificial intelligence systems, which detect a range of content such as adult nudity, fake accounts, hate speech, spam, terrorism, and violence, Facebook can remove offensive content before it even reaches the end user.

The two categories which best reflect their progress is “Hate Speech” and “Violent Content”.

Facebook is making progress in proactively identifying hate speech. For example, the amount of hate speech detected before it was reported more than doubled from 24% to 52% from October 2017 to July 2018. The posts were taken down before they were reported.

Similar progress is being made in proactively identifying violent content. For example, the amount of violent content detected before it was reported between October to December 2017 was 72%. More recently however, this figure jumped to 92% between July to September 2018. Additionally, Facebook has taken action on more than 15 million pieces of such content this year, ten times more than in 2017.

Facebook stated:

  This is incredibly important work and we continue to invest heavily where our work is in the early stages — and to improve our performance in less widely used languages. 

Such progress is, without doubt, very commendable and provides a safer network for users as a whole. But could it be enough to divert attention away from the fact Facebook has little regard to the personal data of millions of its users?

A step in the right direction as it may be, Facebook still has a long way to go...

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