Facebook Marketing: 10 tips to market your business

Facebook Marketing: 10 tips to market your business

Social media marketing services provider, Facebook has proven to be one of the best social platforms for businesses over the years.

Some of the benefits of this social platform includes access to a broad range of interest and demographic data which businesses and marketers can utilise to reach specific and targeted audiences, as well as increased brand exposure to the billions of users that visit the platform regularly.

It is important that businesses know how to effectively market themselves on this platform in order to reap the full benefits. Thus, we've listed the following tips you can implement to ensure that you are making the most of your marketing efforts on this particular social platform.

1. Setting up your Facebook Business profile

Just as your website design is vital to your business, so too is the look and feel of your Facebook Business profile page. However, Facebook should be regarded as the more personal relationship with your clients. It’s more about what you are and who you are rather than the corporate stuff. So, with that firmly in mind, carefully select your profile and cover images.

Take time getting the style and timbre of your biography right. Tell your visitors a little about yourself and what you do, what services you offer and your product. If your business has store opening hours then be sure to include them as more and more people now rely on Facebook for that type of information.

2. Connect with friends

Once you are certain you have struck the right level with your profile page and that it is a vibrant, true representation of your brand identity – it’s time to get some visitors.

This is simpler than it may sound – you have friends on Facebook via your personal page so start off by inviting them – don’t be bashful, be proud of your business and boldly reach out to your friends for support.

Once they have liked your page and are following it, this starts the ball rolling for the pyramid effect where their friends and friends of friends do the same. In the end, you will have established a base of loyal followers.

3. Valuable content

Before you start posting content, consider carefully what you are going to be putting up on your page. Be concise but interesting. Remember that time you were at an event and the speaker went on and on, mostly about themselves, and you nearly fell asleep?

Well, you don’t want that happening with your readers. Create your posts with imagination. Use imagery and voice to appeal to your reader and make them want to engage with the post and find out more.

Contained in these posts from time to time are going to be promotional ideas and services but keep this to the 80/20 rule – 80% consumer-centric to 20% promotional posts.

If you always bear that in mind, then when your promotional posts appear they will have much more impact on your followers than if every other post was a promotion.

Always bear in mind that marketing through social media should never feel like marketing; it should convey a more personal and emotional element.

4. Posting schedule

This is an area where many encounter some difficulty. You must get into the habit of posting to your page regularly. Every two or three weeks or months is not good enough. Keep the interest high and keep it regular.

Do your research into what times of the day your target audience demographic is likely to respond to your posts. Run some tests and stick to what you find out.

The average 1 or 2 posts per day is ideal and to get the timing right, Hootsuite recommends posting 12:00-1:00PM on weekends, 3:00-4:00PM on Wednesdays, and 1:00-4:00PM on Thursdays and Fridays for optimal exposure and increased engagement.

Keep a regular schedule to keep your audience interested

5. Emotional marketing lesson

Emotional Marketing put simply is messaging that boosts the ego of your target audience. It greatly enhances how smart, confident and sophisticated your audience feels, as well as any other esteem-related emotions.

So remember that, unlike other forms of marketing, social media is more personal. Your followers engage with you because they feel they have a personal connection with you or your brand. That connection translates into an interest.

The aspects that interest people on social media are the personal lives of the people they are following, what happens behind-the-scenes, 'meet the staff' posts and the like. Your followers should be treated as your friends – invite them in.

Social media plays a huge role in connecting with your target audience. It also is immensely supportive when it comes to marketing your business. Facebook alone has helped strengthen many businesses through the years, bringing in new interest and new customers.

6. Link your social media accounts

It’s not all about Facebook. Do you have a good following on Twitter? Instagram? Then it is vital to link all those accounts – draw as much attention to your social presence as you can. This will only help in drawing more followers to your business. However, you must be careful with this.

Don’t fall into the trap of sending out the same content to all platforms – that way you will lose people who are fed up being inundated with the same piece of prose on all media. It's best to post unique content but mentioning that you are also active on the other platforms.

7. Integrate with other social networks

Do you write blogs? Articles in any other media? Guest posts? If so, then always include links to your other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

Encourage your readers to use it by asking them to share their thoughts, give their ideas and feedback. All your social inks should also be featured prominently on your website to promote future expansion of your client base and followers.

8. Play a game

Promote your business page by having a bit of fun – offer incentives such as competitions and give-aways. Asking your followers to like the post and share it in return for the chance to win is a great way of broadening your reach and obtaining new followers and potential customers.

9.Boosting posts on Facebook

Should you find that organic means of promotion aren’t having the desired effect, that may be your cue to look at boosting your posts on Facebook for a very small outlay.

When you are logged in as Admin on Facebook there are prompters showing you how 'hot' a certain post is and how you can boost it through paid sponsoring. This can be a great way of getting a specific campaign out there to the correct demographic and attract potential new followers and clients to your brand.

10. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads not only drive traffic to your business page but also to your main website or any particular web page you specify. To ensure you get the most possible click through rate, precise messaging is required.

This will help ensure that you obtain the interest of the target audience and hopefully add to your growing list of potential clients.

Implementing these tips will undoubtedly aid you in your venture to expand your audience and engage new as well as existing clients. However, if you would like to enlist the services of professionals who will be able to fast-track you on the right path, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.

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