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Data: Store closings generate new shopping patterns, especially among Millennials-

In this month's digest we highlight Sport England's follow up 'This Girl Can' campaign, LinkedIn's desktop redesign and how digital media may be losing credibility with advertisers. We also cover Foursquare's research findings on shopping patterns developed from store closings, Bing Ads' list exclusions for search retargeting and the new brand Consider This created for Aaron Smith Personal Training.

New 'This Girl Can' campaign to target 'teens, mums and their grandmothers'

Bolder than before, Sport England are back with the acclaimed and highly successful ‘This Girl Can’ campaign to motivate women of all ages to take up exercise. Being unveiled in stages, the new campaign released out-of-home posters and launched digital activity last month, and a new TV ad is also due to be launched next week on 24th February.

There will even be an app whereby women can upload pictures of themselves exercising and overlay one of the new campaign mantras. A few participants will have their entry selected by Sport England to be displayed on digital out-of-home screens across multiple UK shopping centres.

The original campaign, launched in 2015, won numerous awards. Created with agency FCB Inferno, it persuaded over 1.6 million women to start exercising and an additional 2.8 million to become more active. 

We look forward to observing how this new campaign will outdo these figures and more.

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Marketing Week

LinkedIn desktop redesign

Last month, LinkedIn uncovered their new desktop design, bringing it into a much more integrated version of its mobile counterpart. The redesign also brings conversations and content into core of the platform, allowing users to share ideas, join discussions and find news and topics that interest them more easily.

A few of the enhancements that have been applied are:

  • Streamlined navigation
  • Smarter messaging that helps you connect and unlock new opportunities
  • Richer Feed to keep you informed
  • More intuitive search
  • Greater insight into who’s viewing your content
  • Better suggestions to make your profile stand out

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Is digital media losing credibility with brands? The advertisers' view

2017 may be the year where advertisers stand back and take a long hard look at their digital media to reevaluate exactly how much value they are obtaining from these channels. It could very well bring some surprises.

The manner in which digital is structured should allow for more accountability and reporting but many sources have highlighted that this is not the case. The reporting system has been plagued by such issues as fraud, brand safety and even simple software errors in relation to visual ad stacking.

In fact, in the most recent damning report, it was brought to light that over £600million was wasted by UK advertisers on non-viewable ads in 2016 and major digital platforms Facebook and Twitter have also admitted that their video views have been overestimated.

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The Drum

Data: Store closings generate new shopping patterns, especially among Millennials

Changing consumer shopping patterns and weak holiday sales have caused some big brands, such as Macy's and Kmart, to close down their stores.

Foursquare released their findings recently on what exactly happens when physical stores close and what effect it has retail brands and their competitors. Based on foot-traffic and store visitation patterns in the run up to (and the aftermath of) the closing of Kmart and Macy’s locations, they found that:

  • Millennials flock to store-closing sales.
  • Store loyalists are willing to travel farther to preferred retail brands following closings.
  • Competitors must wait several months but then see a bump in foot traffic.

A higher percentage of in-store shoppers were found to be Millennials than the typical Macy's shopper - coined as 'opportunists' looking to take advantage of aggressive discounting. These findings highlight Millennials' interest in deals and also suggests that retailers may be able to convert them into more regular shoppers if thoughtful promotions, improved user experiences and loyalty programs are put into action.

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Marketing Land

Bing Ads rolling out list exclusions for retargeting ads

Bing Ads' search retargeting system enables advertisers to create audience lists comprising of visitors who enter their site by clicking on search adverts. Advertisers can now use these lists to exclude previous visitors matching certain criteria from seeing their search adverts. In other words, advertisers have more flexibility with their Bing Ads search retargeting as they can choose to, for example, exclude audiences who have already made a purchase from seeing adverts which promote a price reduction.

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Search Engine Land

Case study: Aaron Smith Personal Training

Aaron Smith Personal Training contacted Consider This with a vision to form a fitness movement built around personal goals, personal training and personal development. The company needed a brand that would reflect the customer's personal journey while being iconic and instantly recognisable.

Consider This has created and produced many innovative corporate identities for brands such as ALRA, CDET, bbodance and One Click Group, so we felt well equipped to take on this task and produce effective results for Aaron.

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Consider This | Aaron Smith Personal Training

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