Social media time waster #3: focusing on irrelevant metrics

Social media time waster #3: focusing on irrelevant metrics

In our previous blog of this series, we highlighted yet another threatening social media time waster: losing the social element.

Here is a quick summary of the main points that were made:

  • Losing the social element is what happens when businesses forget that the fundamental purpose of social media networks is to BE SOCIAL.
  • This lack of engagement ultimately leads businesses to miss out on the opportunity to develop a connection with their audience.
  • The solution: get involved in conversations with your followers, other brands and relevant communities, ensuring to also actively engage in social listening and practice being responsive to your audience.

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Focusing on irrelevant metrics

Social media undoubtedly offers many marketing benefits and the opportunities it provides to connect with extremely targeted audiences are unmatched. However, if you do not measure and track the impact of your actions, you are wasting your time.

After all, knowing how to analyse the impact of the actions you take will inform you on how well you are performing, giving you the insight you need to adapt and optimise your strategy going forward. Failure to do this means that you will be unable to determine whether or not your efforts are successful.

Now, while it is important to track and measure your activities, it is just as vital to ensure you are tracking the RIGHT metrics rather than focussing solely on vanity metrics such as views or likes. These are great if you want to boost your confidence in the attractiveness of your content, but they do not give a complete and reliable picture of success.

Some of the essential metrics you really want to focus on are: social shares, click-through rate and bounce rate.

The solution

It is simple really: if you want to track your social campaigns to ensure they are producing good ROI, start focussing on the metrics that matter. Here is a more in-depth look at the benefits of the essential metrics we highlighted in the above section:

  • Social shares - this serves as an indicator of how interesting your content is, as more shares mean that your followers found it interesting enough to share with their own friends and social network. This metric is especially important if you are tracking the results of a viral campaign.
  • Click-through rate - this tells you how much your audience is engaging with your content, as clicking-through means they are interested in finding out more. It can also help you determine how effective your calls-to-action are.
  • Bounce rate - this metric gives you an idea of how many people, out of those who click on your content and interact with your website, actually invest time in finding out who you are and what you do / have to offer.

We hope this series has helped you highlight the areas in which you may have been misplacing your efforts on social media and, more importantly, has helped you put a stop to these bad habits. In doing so, you will successfully avoid wasting precious resources such as time and money, also ensuring that you do not invest in practices that will not deliver profitable results.

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