How to use YouTube for your business

According to its press page, YouTube has over a one billion registered users – that’s almost a third of the whole Internet! This means your business channel has the potential to reach a considerable international audience.
Before we start, here are some staggering statistics:

  • YouTube attracts over 15 billion visitors every month and they watch a combined total of over one billion hours of video on a daily basis
  • YouTube can also be accessed in over 90 countries covering 95% of the Internet population.
  • The key demographic is 18 to 34-year olds, of which no TV network has as much access to except YouTube.

These stats show that YouTube occupies a vast scale as a video sharing platform never before seen in Internet history. Therefore, it is important for any business to provide a captivating and intriguing channel for users across the world to generate leads, secure sales and establish a brand image.

This guide will explain how to increase your brand awareness, adapt to your audience, boost your visibility and improve the quality of your content.

Personalise Your Channel

Personalise your channel by customising your profile picture, channel art and channel information.

Start by adding your company logo to your profile picture. This should be clear to see and easy to recognise for anyone on YouTube, making it easy for users to identify your profile with your brand. Ensure your banner and channel art is colourful, eye catching and representative of your brand image.

Add useful information about your business in the description setting. Make it clear and easy for users to understand the products and/or services your business offers as well as the general purpose behind the YouTube channel of your company. Provide links to your website and social media channels to drive traffic and make it easier for users to find more details.

Ultimately, personalising your channel will reinforce your brand image and help establish a unique identity.

Consistent Content

The most popular channels on YouTube are the ones which upload on a regular basis. By uploading regularly, your business will be kept updated and relevant to your followers.

There are many ways to create engaging videos for your channel. Webinars and Podcasts are a tried and tested form of content – providing both entertainment as well as useful information regarding your business, products or services.

Explainer videos are also a popular choice for small and medium sized businesses, providing colourful and animated representations of your brand. These are short animated videos that can range from explaining everything from industry practices to your specific products or services. Tools such as Vyond make it easy for both beginners and professionals to create trendy explainer videos.

Other video ideas could include customer testimonials, product/service demonstrations and interviews with company leaders and staff.
Here are some examples of businesses on YouTube which have capitalised on such techniques:

  • Business Insider – This mammoth of a channel pumps out business related content on a daily basis. Each of their videos is highly edited and polished, with the message and ideas portrayed clearly and concisely.
  • Marie Forleo – Marie provides business and life advice for individuals in a stylish and engaging way. Take note of the consistency of her brand image as well as the scale of production gone into the videos.
  • Ellas Kitchen – Ella’s Kitchen are a small UK business which make healthy and organic baby’s food. Their videos are fun and colourful, perfectly reflecting their lively brand image. Take note of the range of videos they produce – from examples of their products to showcasing their working environment and founders.
  • Naked Wines – Naked Wines take a vlog style approach to their videos, achieving a more personable brand which helps connect with their follower base.

Title & Description

Upload videos with a precise yet informative title which will gage users’ interest and accompany it with an eye-catching thumbnail which is consistent with your brand image. Keep in mind that users search for videos on YouTube in a similar way they do on Google so try to include the content of your video within the title while using keywords to maximise the exposure of your content.

The description of your videos should provide a brief explanation in regards to the content in them. Include links to your social media channels and website to increase traffic in those streams.


At the end of each video, be sure to add a call to action – such as reminding viewers to subscribe to your channel and to click on the bell notification, as well as liking and commenting on your videos to increase engagement and aid your channel’s growth. Another important CTA is to encourage your audience to share the video on social media channels to increase the awareness of your brand and gain a larger following – promote new videos on your own social media channels too!

Instant Connection

Be sure to interact with your followers. YouTube users love channels which engage with them as it shows your business is interested and committed to its audience. Here are some tips on how to connect with your followers:

Reply to comments

Replying to comments and responding to feedback in a timely manner will help promote quality conversation and boost your reputation on the site among your audience. This will also drive engagement and build loyalty with your community.

Acknowledge quality comments

Acknowledge your favourite comments by giving a heart to them. Those particular comments will be displayed with a vivid red heart next to them, therefore encouraging more users to post their thoughts and thus driving engagement.

Pin top comments

Pin a comment which you believe is absolutely perfect in relation to your video, channel or business. Again, this will reward thoughtful users and help drive engagement as your channel will seem present and involved with its audience.

You could also increase the popularity of your channel by engaging with videos which are related to your industry. This will give exposure to your channel to users who share interests in your particular trade and therefore raise your brand awareness.


YouTube enables you to target demographic groups, interests, placements and marketing lists in order to reach niche audiences based on who they are and what they are interested in. Therefore, similar to other social media channels, advertising on YouTube allows you to target specific demographics which will be most interested in your products and services.

There are three advertising options to choose from:

  • TrueView in-stream Ads: These appear before a video starts and are skippable
  • TrueView Discovery Ads: These are videos which appear in search results
  • Bumper Ads: These are short, 6 second videos and aren’t skippable

Additionally, you only pay YouTube for an ad if the viewer sits through at least 30 seconds of it, helping you to manage your budget. YouTube also offers analytics to measure your return of investment – enabling you to adjust and refine your strategy accordingly.


YouTube is the perfect platform to showcase the creative, innovative and informative aspects of your business – all through video format which is increasing in popularity at unprecedented growth.

Ranked as the second most popular site in the world, according to Alexa Inc, it is no doubt beneficial to any business wanting to reach a worldwide audience.

If you need further assistance with your social media marketing, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.


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