How to improve your business' internal communications

group of people sharing internal communication over digital channels

Companies tend to focus on the happiness of their customers and often forget the happiness of their employees. They place the spotlight on external communications, further enhancing it with digial technologies, without recognising that employees could also have an impact on the business' performance and success. As a result, internal communications rarely get a second glance

However, more and more businesses have begun to acknowledge that employee satisfaction is just as important as customer satisfaction. Though the move may be a few years behind, this has prompted them to explore ways to also digitally enhance internal communications.

Digital internal communications can seem daunting but we have broken down a few simple ways for you to jump-start your digital journey:

Online community

Give your employees an online voice. There is a vast choice of platforms available for your business to take advantage of. Ensure the platform allows for two way communication, this will help to increase engagement and a sense of employee satisfaction.

The platforms content needs to be created by and relevant to the employees, not just to bombard them with facts about the business or overwhelm them with emails, meeting and bulletins.

Ensure the platform is inclusive, it must allow everyone to respond on a level they are comfortable with. Every employee must also be able to access the platform, no employee of the business should be considered irrelevant although some areas may require different tools to communicate.


Applications are a great way to provide real-time news and content considering the average user picks up their phone 85 times a day. It is also more convenient for users to upload media (videos, photos, GIFs etc.) from their phone, therefore increasing the probability of engagement.

Apps allow employees to stay updated whether they are in or out of the office, but they also allow your company to build a stronger brand. It will increase awareness of internal events and increase internal communications.

Digital signage

This can be used to feature menus, social media channels, emphasise real-time news and more. Digital signage is a very powerful business tool to have.

Businesses can increase their employees' retention rate of important information by strategically placing screens throughout the office. This would also give an effective and easy way for a business to educate their employees and inform them about relevant company or industry news.

Featuring elements like feedback or polls will provide content for employees to instantly engage with.

Social channels

With the launch of networks like Facebook at Work, the line between personal and professional networking has definitely grown thinner. Not to mention that in 2016 2.34 billion people used social media worldwide, a figure which most certainly includes your employees. Considering these facts, it is definitely a good idea to integrate social networking into your organisation.

Many companies worldwide have begun using platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook pages, and networks such as Skype and Slack are used worldwide to improve online communication.


When tackling the issue of internal communications, it's important to remember there is no mass solution. Your business will need to find the platforms that work for your employees, and a good place to start would be the platforms your employees are already familiar with.

Internal communications should not be ignored, all businesses should investigate different ways to improve this area, which in turn will help improve employee drive and loyalty to your business.

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