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Bulletin | January 2016

jan bulletin 

Welcome to 2016’s first bulletin! In January we explored what split testing is and why it is so necessary for your marketing. We explain it all, from its importance, to what you could run it on and the implicated costs.

We will also look at the surprising results in the search ranking from comScore on Mobile volumes. We spotted that Nando’s have changed their logo after many years - did you notice?

Late in 2015 we identified how we entered in the new digital era when it comes to out-of-home advertising (OOH), this is in fact set to reach loftier heights in 2016. Moreover, columnist Scott Rayden tells us how marketers should be using the tools they have at their disposal more advantageously. Finally, Snapchat is becoming a relevant player in marketing thanks to big names and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Split Testing: What You Need To Know

In simple terms, split testing is comparing two variants to see which one of them performs better. If used properly it can help you make more of your existing traffic. You will essentially be creating variants of your message / advert to test how any of these elements will affect your conversions and, which one affects your user behaviour to your best advantage.

Common variables to run these tests include: the headline, call to action, any graphic you use in direct correlation to your sales effort as well as any sales copy or product descriptors. There is no need for you to use a paid testing tool to run these, in theory, as you can easily create an A/B variation of the same web page yourself.

However, if you don't have enough knowledge to design them on your own it would be best to hire an agency to set it up on your site and help you run it.

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Search rankings from comScore came out

December’s desktop search rankings were released in January by comScore. Against the results for the previous month, Bing was the only search engine to make a slight gain, whereas the other engines either stayed still or were down by a fraction. Mobile searches are still dominated by Google with up to 3 times more in volume than the other companies.

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Nando’s new logo

You may not have noticed but the dining chain of restaurants originating from South Africa, Nando’s, has changed its logo for the first time in 10 years. With competition at an all-time high, they have gone back to their South African roots for inspiration in the design. Nando’s worked closely with sign-writer and artist, Marks Salimu, to create the new typeface.

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2016 is set to propel OOH

The range of marketing opportunities for the out-of-home advertising industry is set to fly sky-high. Automated ads have taken over 60% of the UK digital display market in the last year and it is set to surpass £2billion in 2016. User-generated content and real-time feeds mean that we are about to see outdoor digital displays push the boundaries even further. We also explored in a recent article how OOH is a big business! There are smart ways of using this advertisement channel, we have identified a few. 

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New Marketing perspectives by Scott Rayden and the rise of Snapchat

With the digital age came the luxury of consumers being able to have more control over what they buy and where they buy it from. Businesses may be equipped to deliver but many are still missing out on a full understanding of their customers and their particular buying processes. The consumer has high expectations of how that buying journey will smoothly take place, the marketers have the tools needed to comply but they have to learn to use them advantageously.

A good example of this is Snapchat: it may not have seemed plausible even six months ago that Snapchat would have been a tool to contemplate for marketing your business but things have moved on and it is certainly a channel to give serious consideration.

It is aimed at the younger demographic and is getting quite a boost this year when it will be used by such giants as Amazon, Pepsi, Budweiser and Marriott as a marketing tool during the Super Bowl.

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Case study: CDET Corporate Identity

Consider This has been working closely with The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) for over 13 years, utilising existing brand guidelines for all its design, print and marketing requirements. On entering its 30th year CDET commissioned us to rebrand the organisation, including all sub brands across the variety of services it offers.

Check out their branding and how it looks across different platforms.

We’re also delighted to be part of the CDET Hub at MOVE IT 2016, we’ll be running a competition soon on social media, check out Consider This’ Twitter and Facebook to win your tickets!

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