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Bulletin | July 2015

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July has seen some major events happening in technology and advertising methods. Google’s Panda algorithm is going through a refresh and the giant media company YouTube has rolled out a new interface for the ever-increasing mobile user market. Science fiction is quickly becoming science fact with a new outdoor marketing media innovation that responds to the viewer’s reactions, eventually redesigning itself into the ‘perfect ad’. Also some light-hearted humour this month from the tweeters at Tesco!

Panda Refresh

Slowly but surely the Google Panda refresh is being rolled out; in fact Google has said it could actually take months before we see the full roll-out delivered. This is different to past Panda updates which were rolled out much faster and typically websites would quickly see a significant increase or decline in their Google traffic.

As with every Google update, this is a fantastic opportunity for companies to improve their website rankings, however website owners should also be aware that they could be being penalised by Panda and therefore you should take steps to make sure you have made all the right changes from the last update.

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YouTube Mobile Redesign

The increase in mobile usage for internet use is dramatically rising and at last YouTube has moved with the times and developed a mobile-friendly site for Android, with the promise that the iOS app will be updated very soon. The new look has three main tabs: one for browsing YouTube generally, one for easily watching content from your subscribed channels and the third for keeping up with your own creations. It has also announced a new ‘diamond’ playback button for creators who have more than 10 million subscribers. This is in addition to the existing ‘gold’ button given to those with 1 million subscribers and the ‘silver’ button for 100,000.

Some interesting YouTube facts:

• More than 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute to YouTube
• More than half of all YouTube views come from mobile devices
• YouTube content reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the USA
• The number of advertisers running video ads is up 40% on last year

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Outdoor Response to Human Emotions Media

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction writers – an advert evolving in response to human emotions, however people passing a nondescript ad in Oxford Street recently found out that it is actually very much a reality. What exactly is it and how does it work?

First and foremost it looks like any other outdoor media board, however inside the unit is a powerful PC, a Kinect sensor and a large screen. The Kinect camera senses everyone around it and reports a success if someone has looked at the ad and a failure if they haven’t. All the time, the ad is changing slightly in design format, messages, copy and even font types and sizes, measuring what is making the viewer happy or sad! Anything unsuccessful is killed off while the successful viewings are stored and worked upon to naturally develop into the ‘perfect’ ad campaign.

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Tesco’s Tweets

Forget about the tweets sent out by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj! And rejoice in some truly inspired Tesco tweets sent out recently in response to Meek Mill accusing rapper Drake of not writing his own raps. As the argument progressed Tesco waded in with a reply featuring a packet of its Falafel & Houmous delights stating: ‘Hey Drake, we’ve got some ready-made wraps too’ Little did anyone know that was the start of a hilarious rap battle between Sainsbury’s and Tesco when someone accused the former supermarket of writing Tesco’s ‘wrap’.

The whole rap battle has caught the public’s attention and Twitter fans have been following it with great interest to see where it goes next. This proves that social media does work and sometimes the funnier you are, the more followers you will get. Tesco, for instance, has been tweeting some brilliant ones: ‘Contrary to popular belief, a courgette is a baby marrow – not a very small courge’; ‘Nothing beats the excitement of going to a supermarket abroad and finding your favourite crisps have a slightly different name’ – just a couple of examples to show that Every Little Helps!

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Twitter’s Event Targeting

Twitter has introduced a new advertising feature – an event targeting tool that will help brands and businesses reach people engaged in live events on the Twitter network. To date, if advertisers wished to attract Twitter audiences during major events such as Wimbledon, Grammys or the FIFA World Cup, they were limited to manual efforts and a lot of guesswork about hashtags, keywords, etc.

However, with Event Targeting, they now have a tool to simplify and automate the process. The feature has three basic elements: A calendar highlighting major global events which users can filter by type, location and date; Events insights on historical tweet campaigns for the proposed event and Event activation – enabling the marketers to launch their campaign with one click!

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay, a digital wallet, is being rolled out in the UK this month. Of course, contactless payment is not a new phenomenon in the UK, with Barclaycard Contactless having been around for quite a while. However, the Apple Pay is predicted to have a much faster adoption rate among UK merchants thanks to its more mature in-store contactless ecosystem.

Although it does need to convince merchants of its advantages – they know that without the merchants’ trust it will never succeed. One step is providing smaller retailers with a cheap – or sometimes free – card reader, designed to allow them to accept Apple Pay as well as credit card chip and pin payments. The advantages to the consumer are also immense and eventually it looks like we may become a completely cashless society, especially with such a major player coming forth with their new technology.

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