Marketing, communication & design digest - June 2017

Design Trends

In this month's digest we highlight Weetabix's views on the effectiveness of TV advertising, the importance of making websites more accessible and three essential design trends. We also report on the measures Vodafone is taking to block its ads from appearing on harmful sites and share the latest updates from Consider This, including our recent awards.

Weetabix on why TV is ‘very hard to beat’ for ROI

Weetabix are ploughing over £10m into their new campaigns on televisual media as they believe it is very hard to beat a TV presence.

The latest campaign depicts Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk facing up to the giant after he has started his day with a hearty Weetabix breakfast. We also see the return of the famous tagline: ‘Have you had your Weetabix?’ which was first introduced in the early 1990s.

Weetabix Head of Brand, Kevin Verbruggen, states that in order to be forefront in the minds of the consumer you need to invest in television advertising more so than any other media coupled with making the purchase of the product an easy transaction.

Over the past year they have seen their UK market share rise from 15.3% to 16.4% and the company has dominated new launches within the cereal category against such competitors as Kellogg's and Quaker in the last two years.

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Is your website accessible? Five steps to start now

Web design takes accessibility into consideration every time – or does it?

There are over 2.7 million colour-blind people in the UK alone and 70% of this country’s population wears glasses. Plus, 1 in 30 suffer from sight loss and 10% of people in the UK suffer from some form of dyslexia. To say that all these people are included when web design is on the table would be a highly romantic notion.

However, thanks to events like Global Accessibility Awareness Day, this highly ignored agenda has been raised. To further promote the issue, Red Badger have collated the following steps web developers can adopt to make the internet more inclusive:

  1. Ensure your site has sufficient colour contrast
  2. Use alt text for your images
  3. Go easy on the graphics and transitions
  4. Hover/focus states for all clickable elements
  5. Test from different perspectives

As ever, we at Consider This are more than happy to go through any of the above in more detail – just get in touch.

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3 Essential design trends in June

Want to move your website from ordinary to trendy? Well, it could mean just having a simple little tweak here and there. Each month we see new trends appear and we love to keep you up to date with what is fresh:

1. “Tiny” text

Oversized typography is on the way out – the latest designs include smaller text which has been seen replacing big bold headers. Downsize that font!

2. Geometric layering

Geometric layering of elements is a trendy way to add visual interest to something that could otherwise look pedestrian. Brought back by Google’s Material Design idea, this is the way to go.

3. Blurred imagery

While it is certainly not a new technique, blurred imaging has taken on a new lease of life. It can help create an element of mystery or push the emphasis away from the image on to something more relevant in the design.

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Vodafone will block its ads from appearing on fake news and hate speech sites

Vodafone will block its advertising from appearing alongside any abusive or damaging content.

As seen on YouTube recently, some brand names were inadvertently funding extremist groups by having their advertising placed next to content from terrorist and neo-Nazi groups. These brands halted advertising until Google could assure them that steps would be taken to stop this happening in the future.

In association with Google and Facebook, Vodafone have set up rules that will now ensure their ads are only served within selected outlets that have been identified as safe and non-harmful. This shows just how seriously the company are taking these problems and are being proactive in the fight against brands being associated with these unsafe and fraudulent sites.

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Consider This takes two wins at the Business Excellence Awards 2017

October 2016 saw Consider This receiving the European Business Award for Best Multi-Media Marketing Agency in recognition of its outstanding work in the marketing sector. Needless to say, we are over the moon to have been recognised in this manner.

The icing on the cake came this year when the Business Excellence Awards bestowed the Best For Print Marketing Solutions award on our company. It makes it even sweeter when you consider that the awards are given to reward the excellence of the work and the results obtained by companies in the face of an ever-increasing competitive market.

Our exceptional Print MGT tool was key to winning this award. It is a bespoke system built for larger group organisations and franchises to centrally manage and deliver their total marketing requirement across their entire network.

We also received the Marketing Manager of the Year award in recognition of our talented Digital Marketing Manager, Khiloni Dulabdas.

On behalf of the entire Consider This team we would like to extend our thanks to the organisers of the awards and look forward to even more achievements in the coming year.

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Exhibiting at the Hillingdon Business Expo

On Thursday, 1st June the Consider This team joined more than 100 businesses exhibiting at the third annual Hillingdon Business Expo, one of the largest B2B exhibition events in West London.

This remarkable event was completely FREE for the participating businesses and attendees, and gave participants the opportunity to expand their network and build business.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed getting involved and connecting with the local community in such a vibrant environment.

hillingdon business expo

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Director Michael hosts webinar with The Franchise Supplier Showcase

Earlier this month our Managing Director, Michael Pearce, hosted a webinar alongside Nick Strong at The Franchise Supplier Showcase in which Michael gives some great advice on increasing your franchisees' sales, brand protection and monitoring. Watch the video below.

Later this year in October, Consider This is going to be one of the exhibitors at The Franchise Supplier Showcase, presenting our free online brand management system. Read our blog to find out why this is THE event to attend if you are a franchisor.

Weetabix's views on TV advertising ROI; websites more accessible; essential design trends; Vodafone blocks its ads from appearing on harmful sites and more

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