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New LinkedIn features give rise to greater interaction

LinkedIn New Features

In recent months, LinkedIn has gradually been rolling out new features to English-speaking profiles, turning it from what was an online career and contact tool to a rich social networking platform.

This weekend marked the milestone 10-year birthday of LinkedIn, who holds an impressive 225 million users in over 200 countries. According to the company, two new members join LinkedIn every second. Now, LinkedIn seems to be playing catch up with other prominent social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in terms of its functionality.

Here's a list of new features that we would like to bring to your attention.

New Linkedin Features

In March 2013 the company launcheda search box that was smarterand more streamlined. When members type a term into the search box, a comprehensive page of results will appear from all categories - people, updates, jobs, companies and groups. With an enhanced advanced search as well, users can now filter searches down to specific industries, groups, location, and much more.

Furthermore, last month LinkedIn announced that professionals were now able to mention other members in their updates, as well as to share and like each others' posts. Overall, this encourages greater engagement on the platform. The profile or company mentioned will receive a notification informing them that another member has interacted with them, allowing them to respond in real time.

Of the most recent updates, May saw the debut of the new visual portfolio, giving them the opportunity to showcase their professional story using rich, visual content such as photos, videos and presentations. It is thought that this new feature will attract more creative professionals to the network as it allows them to showcase their portfolio alongside their CV. To get started, simply click the 'edit' button your profile, then follow the prompts under each section.

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