Arts marketing, communication & design digest: March '17

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In this month's digest we highlight how food delivery company, Deliveroo, has launched their first ever TV ad as a result of the company’s growth in an industry where consumers’ trend are ever changing. We also covered Nokia’s comeback of the historic 3310 mobile phones and we give you five important tips to improve your brand’s visibility on Google maps. Finally we explore if social media is becoming “less fun” for consumers and brands and give you our advice on how to improve your SEO and organic rankings on your website.

Deliveroo launches first TV ad 

Deliveroo, the food delivery company launched in 2013 in London, has tied their latest ad to coincide with their availability in Newport, their 100th town or city.

The TV ad, created by Fallon, is written by Lucia Mencos and Rosa Rankin-Gee and features memorable moments created around food, such as first dates, picnics, etc.

The growth of the company is down to consumer trends changing over the last years. According to Deliveroo, people are now ordering breakfasts and lunches now, whereas it used to be mainly evening meals. According to Deliveroo’s managing director, "The pace of our growth demonstrates how the British public are embracing the move to get great food from great restaurants delivered straight to their door."

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Nokia to bring back historic 3310 mobile phone 

The historic Nokia 3310, renowned for being indestructible and having an apparently endless battery life, is making a comeback.

Details of the updated version hasn’t been made available as yet but we do know it will retail at approx. £50 and being designed as a second phone.

The original phone could make calls and send and receive text messages but had no camera or connectivity to the internet – so will the new one have these features? We will have to wait and see. The company responsible for the creating these phones under the Nokia brand is a Finnish company HMD. They have a 10-year deal to release a range of low-end Android smartphones without all the clutter.

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5 ways you can improve your new business’s visibility on Google Maps 

There are 5 lessons that can be followed for having your business work to your advantage on the Google Maps’ storefront:

  1. Claim your third-party listing profiles and make sure the information listed is accurate and complete. Bear in mind that Google also considers third-party data as well as the data you have inputted. For instance, TripAdvisor reviews could show up on your storefront but not your main TripAdvisor listing. This could mean inconsistencies which would hurt the strength of the Google listing
  2. Post frequently on Facebook. Fresh content posted on Facebook will signal to Google the relevance of your storefront and its potential interest to web surfers. You will find that, without a consistently refreshed Facebook page your storefront will not perform to its full advantage compared with those who take the time to update Facebook regularly.
  3. Create location-specific content. If you are a business with multiple locations, it’s vital for your online content to consistently mention specific location information. This could be obtained by having pertinent information relating to different locations or by having local media write some content about your location.
  4. Make it easy for local media to write about your business. Don’t rely on media outlets to research all the information about your establishment. They are busy people who will be more likely to write articles on your company if they can access all the relevant detail in one inclusive bundle. To that effect, put all your content, stories, facts, reviews, etc in one easy to understand package that can be sourced by the media outlets
  5. Go deep in building your online presence. Look around! Don’t rely on one source of information about your business. There are many opportunities to be mentioned online – many of these are free. Look at your competition and find out where they are being mentioned. These could be Local Guides, Coupon sites, Blogs, Local Government sites, etc. The more you get a mention, the easier and quicker it will be for you to have a stronger online presence.

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Social media becoming less ‘fun’ for consumers and brands need to go back to basics, says study 

IPG Mediabrands-owned agency UM have released details of a study regarding social media.

85% of social media users actively manage their profiles online. However, compared with 7 years ago, people are 40% less likely to see social networks as a place for fun and entertainment but 30% more likely to see them as self-promotion.

The study also revealed that people expect brands on the networks to be constantly active – sending an instant message now has the expectation of an instant response. Nevertheless, UM's head of insight, EMEA and author of Wave 9, Glen Parker, warned: “The omnipresence of social channels and mobile devices provides advertisers today with countless opportunities for engagement, but it is meaningful moments that connect brands with their audience in an emotionally relevant way,” adding, advertisers need "to go back to basics" and understand their audience.

In the UK alone, just under 50% of social media users said they are influenced by opinions being shared on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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SEO: exploring the relevance of organic keyword rankings

Every business, large or small, strives to get high keyword rankings in online search results. However, due to the way SERPs have evolved in the past couple of years, the opportunities affiliated with organic keyword rankings has rapidly declined. Taking this into consideration, along with the costs involved in acquiring these rankings, it is perhaps time for the experts to reevaluate whether search engine optimization (SEO) is still a worthy investment.

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