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In this month’s digest we follow Facebook’s continued fight against fake news. We also look at how KFC's controversial ad avoids investigation and Moneysupermarket's fine for ignoring email opt-outs. Google warns the owners of bad ads before they take action and the Under Armour brand may have lost its cool.

Facebook Continues Its Fight Against Fake News With Related Articles

Facebook has started to impose a new process for producing advertising assets. This will hopefully do more to make these assets valid and/or relevant to whatever cultural changes come about. In today’s world real life and digital life are becoming more blurred with fake news easily slipping through.

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KFC’s ‘The Whole Chicken’ ad avoids investigation

Even with 480 complaints, KFC are to face no investigation into their ‘The Whole Chicken’ campaign.

Complaints came in to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding the ad being ‘offensive’, ‘distressing’ and ‘misleading’ but it has been deemed to be a depiction of a ‘fantastical, bizarre scenario’ and therefore not a true depiction of the living conditions of the chickens used by KFC.

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Moneysupermarket fined for ignoring email opt-outs have been fined £80,000 for continuing to send emails to 7.1 million people who had actively asked not to be included in their direct marketing.

Steve Eckersley, ICO's Head of Enforcement, said: “Organisations can’t get around the law by sending direct marketing dressed up as legitimate updates... We will continue to take action against that choose to ignore the rules.”

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Google warns a thousand brands over bad ads

After having removed 1.7bn ‘bad ads’ in 2016, Google is taking direct action against approx. 1,000 online publishers for the use of ‘highly annoying, misleading or harmful’ ads.

Brands involved include: Forbes, The Los Angeles Times and The Independent.

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Has the Under Armour brand lost its cool?

Has Under Armour lost momentum? This is the question being asked after slow growth and falling shares, which have gone from $44 to $18 in 12 months.

It was only 18 months ago that the company were berating Nike and saying they were going to be overtaking the sports giant. Be careful what you wish for Under Armour!

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Case study: Graphic Design | Dance Consortium

Consider This has worked with Dance Consortium on many tours, delivering highly satisfactory results every time. Here is just part of their feed-back:

"Michael Pearce, Consider This UK's Creative Director, has frequently worked miracles and has consistently designed our programmes somehow achieving a uniformity of house-style despite the contrasting message that each company promotes about itself.”

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