Marketing, communication & design digest: August 2018


In this month's digest, we highlight Häagen-Dazs brand revival, Coca-Cola’s £5m campaign to promote unified packaging redesign, Ikea’s marketing strategy shift and Facebook Watch worldwide launch. We also report on how direct-to-consumer brands are using social media and GDPR three months.

Coca-Cola launches £5m campaign as it redesigns packaging to unify original and zero sugar variants

Coca-Cola Great Britain is launching a £5m campaign to promote a packaging redesign that will see its red colour appear across its original and zero sugar variants. This unification of packaging is part of the company’s plan to encourage consumers to try their no sugar variant and hit 50% of their total sales.

Alec Mellor, Coca-Cola marketing manager says: “Sales of Coca-Cola zero sugar have almost doubled in the last two years and we believe this latest change will help us grow it even further and encourage more people to give it a try.”

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How Häagen-Dazs is reimagining the brand for the Instagram generation

If a product is perceived by the younger generation as ‘something your mum would buy’ then that is the kiss of death these days for any brand.

Häagen-Dazs, known for its high standards and luxurious taste, is facing such a crisis and that is why they are determined to be known as the most desired ice cream in the world. To obtain this, they plan to deepen its presence in the UK, France, China and Korea markets whilst also broadening into new markets, formats and distribution models.

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How direct-to-consumer brands are using social to scale

Through the wonders of social media, start-up manufacturing brands now have a ready-made route to marketing their products and grow rapidly. However, in order to do that, they have to learn how to turn loyal followers into loyal customers. Research shows that a consumer is more drawn to a brand that has personality and able to bring their product to life. Can this now be taken a step further?

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GDPR three months on: Most consumers feel no better off

Has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had any effect on how customers view their relationship with a company and how their data is now being used? The answer is double-edged. Whilst 57% of people surveyed thought they had a better understanding of how their personal data is being used, just 27% believe their overall experience with brands is better. With 36% of people believe their data is still being mishandled.

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Ikea shifts marketing strategy to focus on product innovation rather than rooms

Ikea has come to the conclusion that people no longer wish to revamp their entire room – just by making a few changes here and there, they can transform it to their satisfaction.

So, they have revamped their ‘New at IKEA’ hub on the UK website and this will be updated every time a new product enters the range. As Laurent Tiersen, Ikea UK and Ireland marketing manager, says: “When it comes to revamping your home, you don’t always need a complete style overhaul. In fact, it’s often the little new things that can make all the difference.”

Ikea are starting with the UK market to explore the potential of non-physical marketing.

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Facebook Watch video service launches worldwide

Facebook Watch is set to rival the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime for viewership figures.

The social networking giant, Facebook, is likely to spend in the region of £1.55billion to produce content for its new venture and will allow content creators to feature ad breaks, but only if they hit certain metrics.

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In this month’s digest, we look at Google’s record fine over Android app dominance by EU and an increase in ad spend on Facebook despite data scandal. We also look at the diversity competition launched by TfL, the impact of the sugar tax on the sales of Coca-Cola in the UK and more.
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