Marketing materials that help increase franchisee sales

Marketing materials that help increase franchisee sales

Marketing is key in most customer-driven organisations, especially so in the franchise world. It is a major contributing element to product research and development, advertising (both on and offline), promotions, product sales and service, brand awareness and brand trust and loyalty.

The franchise's key to success

Ultimately, your franchise business can only succeed if it is able to motivate your target customers to buy the services or products you are offering. You as the franchisor need to identify your ideal customers (the persons most likely to purchase), identify their needs and motives for buying, familiarise yourself with them, their buying habits and their demographic, including social, geographic and economic. Who, where, why, what and when – are your key questions.

You may have the best product available or offer the greatest service solution on the market, but without marketing (even badly delivered marketing), no one will know. You might as well lock your great product in a closet, collecting dust, hidden away like an ugly duckling.

"Feed" your target audience with relevant and appealing messages

The promotional component of marketing (good marketing) is key in getting the word out to your target audience, informing your customers that you have something beneficial to offer them at a great value (i.e. something they need at a cost they will be happy with).

You need to let customers know you exist, promote your brand, your service or product and the benefits it has in a competitive marketplace to induce desire and subsequently lead to buying.

Tools to interact with your customers

Interaction with customers has become a key focus of marketing and specific tools such as direct mail, personal selling, banners, posters, flyers, adverts, inserts, telemarketing, mobile marketing, email and social media are prominent promotional tools that companies are using to get engaged with their audiences.

A solution to help you gain control and identify failing territories

Check out This system offers you direct control over what material your franchisees put out, allowing you control over the message and core brand, while letting them personalise the items. A key function is its reporting system, allowing you, the franchisor, the ability to identify failing territories. What is more, this product is free, so we think it is a bit of a no-brainer really.

Not all marketing produces big returns, but those that do contribute greatly to the bottom-line profits of the business, its customer retention and loyalty. Like many business investments, you should measure the return marketing initiatives generate and relate these to your goals and costs.

Help your franchisees sell and they will sell, after all they want to succeed just as much as you do.

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