Marketing strategies franchise owners should implement in 2017

Marketing strategies franchise owners should implement in 2017

Never assume that your franchise marketing strategy will remain effective indefinitely. Every franchise owner should always be looking for new ways to improve their marketing strategy, in a manner that allows each year to be better than the last.

The methods you employ in your strategy should build your brand, while also bringing in new leads / prospects at the same time. The following focal areas can help you achieve this:

  • Establish a strong online presence
  • Integrate social media into your overall strategy
  • Adopt local marketing tactics
  • Protect your brand using an online marketing platform

Establish a strong online presence

Creating a strong online presence requires a combination of elements but the most important of these is your website. Nowadays, websites are the gateway to most companies and the primary means by which leads and conversions are captured. Thus, it is imperative that yours is filled with attractive, high quality content that is relevant / specifically targeted to your audience.

Successful web content will motivate site visitors to take an action connected to your product and / or franchise.

Integrate social media into your overall strategy

Utilising social media platforms, regardless of the ones you choose to use, means your followers are able to comment on your business. Use this feedback to tailor your business to the local community and to better attend to your customers' needs and requirements.

While using social media to delve into the mind of your customer, you should also be engaging with them on these social platforms as this is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Adopt local marketing tactics

If you are a franchise owner with national brand recognition, this strategy is particularly crucial. Each region you have a presence in will possess unique communities, so your marketing tactics must be tailored to appeal to each of these individually. That being said, your local marketing tactics must also complement your national brand and promotional activities, simultaneously.

Protect your brand using an online marketing platform

It can be difficult to monitor your franchisees' marketing activities to ensure that they are adhering to your core brand guidelines. However, there is a solution: utilise a system, such as our Print MGT tool, which allows your franchise to monitor and track the performance of all franchisees, ensuring that the core brand is being protected and that all distributed marketing collateral is consistent.

If you wish to have a discussion to find out more about how this online solution can help your business, contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These strategies, while effective, will yield the best results if you take action only after careful planning, because having a concrete plan in place will allow you to better allocate your budget and other resources. When planning, it is vital that you have a firm understanding of your objective at each stage before making any monetary investment.

Finally, make sure you have a means of tracking and analysing your results, as this will help you make informed decisions when modifying your marketing strategy throughout the year.

If you require any assistance with developing and implementing your franchise marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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