Marketing, communication & design digest - May 2017

In this month’s digest we report on the recent disastrous start of 2017 for YouTube with many brand pulling out of advertising, we also look ahead into the year with Google Chrome announcing a new “not secure” warning on HTTP web pages, due to be implemented by October. Is print still valuable in the digital age? Find out our views on the recent piece we have published. We also looked into the travel industry and what major players such a Ryanair think about the CMO role, how its perception has changed over the years. Spotify has recently “codes”, read more to find out what it does. Finally, are you using social media to its full potential or are you wasting time and effort? Find out what these social media time wasters are in our series, where we have already identified two.

YouTube courts brands with premium content

After a disastrous start to 2017, which saw a large number of big name brands pull out of advertising, YouTube have called on the services of a number of celebrities, including James Corden, Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres (who will each be appearing in original series on the channel), as part of a big push for original programming on YouTube’s free site.

Highlighting the support received by Johnson & Johnson, YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki, apologised during her opening speech at the annual Brandcast event. Stating that she was sorry for what had happened but was pleased that companies are giving them another chance to make YouTube stronger and better.

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Google's Chrome will add new "not secure" warnings later this year 

Does your website have a search box or a form that runs over HTTP? If it does, you may want to seriously consider changing it to HTTPS before October 2017. Why? Well, Google have announced that from that date their Chrome browser will display a warning message on HTTP pages with forms or search boxes included in them. They have already sent out warnings to webmasters about pages with log-ins as these are required to be over HTTPS at the minute and ultimately they would like to mark any HTTP page as insecure – but that is quite a way off yet!

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Print is still valuable in the digital age

print value digital age

Digital advertising is no longer considered to be the ‘add-on’ in the world of marketing. In fact, in many cases it is the primary channel used to reach target audiences. Partly this is due to the fact that it can cost less for a bigger return on your money and there are enhanced targeting abilities.

However, we should not get carried away and forget the more traditional print methods which, if used correctly, can be very effective. In fact, statistics show that every £3 in £4 is actually still spent offline in print advertising.

Print advertising certainly has a number of benefits which cannot be found in a 'digital only' strategy, such as:

  • Higher sensory engagement
  • More room for creativity
  • Reaching niche audiences
  • Higher visibility

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Ryanair CMO: "Brands don’t need to be loved to win over consumers"

You don’t need to be loved, simply stand out in the crowd – that’s the thought process of Ryanair’s outspoken CMO Kenny Jacobs.

The role of CMO has changed dramatically since Jacobs worked for the Procter & Gamble sales and marketing team in 19997. However, he feels if you have a common-sense approach to digital marketing then you will be ok. This approach is focused on the fact that to be an outstanding CMO your marketing has to deliver.

And his philosophy informs the way the Ryanair team operates and has become the world’s most searched for airline website across all engines.

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Spotify Codes are here

Spotify have now simplified the process of sharing music with friends.

All you have to do is tap on the “...” symbol next to the track, album or playlist you would like to share. A code will pop up which you can then screenshot, print or share. Other users have to click on the new camera icon located to the right of the Search bar, scan the artwork, and immediately be directed to that piece of content.

wersm spotify codes static2

However, Spotify codes are only available on mobile - both Android and iOS.

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Social media time wasters 

2.8 billion people were found to be using social media at the end of 2016 and that number will only grow. To that end, social media is undeniably effective as far as marketing is concerned but you could find yourself wasting time on these platforms. As a consumer, that is no problem but, as a business, it means wasted time and effort and could have the adverse effect that you are looking for.

So what are the traps and how do you make sure not to fall into them? We’ve identified some that we think are crucial and would like to share them with you.

Check out our first two and find the best solutions to avoid them.

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