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Multivariate testing: what you could run it on?

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In our previous article we looked at the importance of A/B split / multivariate testing and learnt that we can run A/B test on anything, literally. Now we will look into the most common variables to run tests, ranging from the headline to call to action and the channel / media users are accessing your content from.

The most common variables to run tests

It’s impossible to predict which element will improve conversion rates or which one will most help you to reach your goal. So, prioritize the elements to test and start by testing one by one.

Here are the most common variables to run tests, in any channel/media (click on each of the below to find out more):

  • The headline (Headings)

    The headline (Headings)

    An interesting fact is that the average internet user doesn't read a whole page, he quickly scans it. Mostly, he reads headlines in order to have a quick overview of the content and in a split second decides whether to continue reading or move on. So, it is imperative to understand just how important a good, attention catching headline means to whether your content will be read or not.

    In an email campaign, the first thing the reader sees in your email has to support your subject line, as it was the subject line that made them open it in the first place. If your email headline doesn’t correspond to the subject line, then your bounce rate could reach the roof.

  • Call to action

    Call to action

    You can find hundreds of pages filled with examples of call to action which increases your CTR simply by changing one word. To see if your industry and your site can get benefit from this you will have to run A/B testing as everyone is different. Try using different calls to action and see which one performs better.

  • Any graphic you use in direct correlation to your sales efforts

    Any graphic you use in direct correlation to your sales efforts

    Like the CTA, on the internet you can find several examples of how small graphic elements increased or decreased conversions. For example, they say that green increases clicks; red attracts attention; orange encourages action, but you will never know if this is true for your business unless you run some tests.

  • The sales copy or product descriptions

    The sales copy or product descriptions

    Did you know there is a big difference between benefits delivered to the clients and product features? A successful sales copy highlights benefits without mixing up them with features. You should make your tests on value proposition, testing slight variations, even without changing the core message, as they can generate great results.

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The quest for optimization

As you can see by the above, it is so necessary to run these tests in order to get the best from your website. You could do it yourself with free or paid for testing tools but, as pointed out, there are so many little tricks and traps that you may end up with data that is totally useless to you. This is where we can help out. We can discuss the needs of your business and design tests that will be beneficial. Even if you used the same set of criteria as another company who have successfully managed to obtain the data they required – this may not be the solution for your company.

Our next article on this topic will give you more information on we are going to show you what are the costs involved – you may be pleasantly surprised at what we have to show you.

Don’t leave this to chance and good luck – call us now and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and hopefully get your tests designed for you and run as soon as possible. Then you should see some marked improvement in your online business goals.

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