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Twitter Introduced The Header Image

HS TwitterHeader

Since mid-September 2012, tweeters have been enjoying (or not?) the new addition to Twitter’s interface. Very similar to Facebook and Google+, Twitter has introduced a header to people’s profiles, a background image to their avatar picture and mini bio.

Although it has received mixed reviews, we think it adds that little extra to everyone's profile, creating a more visual and interactive social platform through images. 

Here I will tell you about this new addition and how to utilise it to make the most out of your Twitter profile.

Tips to remember

It is important to remember that Twitter already allows you to upload a background image to your profile so make sure that your header image does not conflict with the background image. Using similar images or colours is a good way to make sure they don’t clash. Another conflicting issue to think about is the colour of your mini bio text.

With a light coloured text used, make sure not to use a header image that is light coloured or has busy patterns, otherwise you or your followers will find it difficult reading your bio. Simple images with a darker colour than your text colour will compliment your bio and make it easier to read and view your profile.

The recommended image size of your header should not exceed 1252 x 626 pixels, and should be a maximum file size of 5MB. It is important to follow the picture guidelines with sizing, as anything smaller than 640 pixels wide will produce a poor quality image. Another useful tip to think about is to use landscape oriented photos for better quality.

This is because the header is technically horizontal, so a landscape picture would fit better. If you decide to use a portrait image you will find it does not align 100% accurately.

How to update your Twitter Header

To update your Twitter header, scroll over the area where your header should be and an “edit” tab should appear. Click on the tab and it takes you straight to the page where you can change your avatar image and bio information. Click the header tab and you will have the option to take a photo or choose an existing one. Just follow the tips we shared above and you’ll be all set to go, it’s as easy as that!

Something to keep in mind though when experimenting with your headers – the new design looks different across all devices! Although creative displays might make sense paired with your header image, they could confuse your followers if they are not viewing your profile on; make sure you check this from different devises and apps.

Nevertheless, test your creative skills with this new feature and see what amazing visual displays you can create on your profile. We have already rolled out the new feature to all the social media accounts we are managing. For inspiration check out the Twitter profile of our client Hotel Supplies and sister company search-the-arts.

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