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Bulletin | November 2015


Outdoor advertising has never looked sexier and the technology for the new wave of OOH advertising is simply incredible - it is so exciting to see what is to come in the future. Google+ have a redesign focussing on their Communities and Collections. Pinterest are launching ‘promoted pins’ which will be one to look out for in the marketing stakes. Theatrical Management Association have uncovered some interesting statistics regarding the UK’s regional theatre and the West End’s Theatre. It’s winter so it must be a Penguin update from Google and our latest case study focuses on rebranding ALRA – the most prestigious Academy of Live & Recorded Arts.

Outdoor Advertising - the new era

A new era of OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising is upon us. No longer will clients hope for the best when they place their outdoor advertising, with new technology it is possible to pinpoint the exact space and the exact time the ad will be most effective. With digital outdoor sites growing around the country, there is no longer a need for static sites that go unnoticed. Now the advertising can be changed at the flick of a switch. It can be automated to take into account the weather and the time of day.

Technology is moving so quickly that it will soon be possible to change the advertising by the number of eyeball contacts with the screen. What was once thought of as science fiction is quickly becoming science fact! We have been following this very closely and have actually been part of the growth. Using clever standees and pop-ups to enhance the media experience and encourage people to use this to send advertising messages via the social media.

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G+ redesign:

Google have given their Google+ a bit of a make-over in a mobile friendly and easier to use approach. The areas they have focused on are Communities and Collections although other parts of the app have also had a bit of a facelift. As far as the Communities aspect is concerned, Google say that on average 1.2 million people join a new community every day!

Collections is a sort of Facebook/Pinterest hybrid in which you can share content on cards that you place on different boards to share. Not only has the design been changed but they have also paid attention to the fact that performance issues were being brought up in forums. A lot has changed since it started – no longer do you have that annoying ‘shared circles’ feature and you don’t even have to use your Google+ profile as your identity.

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What marketers need to know about Pinterest’s new ad platform:

Pinterest has become one of the most popular media sharing apps around. For those not familiar with the app – this is a content sharing platform which allows users to pin online content to a virtual board and share it with others. Now they are offering a ‘promoted pins’ platform whereby your content will have promoted placement. But why should you bother?

Well, Pinterest currently has 100 million users and research has shown that if a user engages with a pin, they are four times more liable to buy something from that pin. To take it one step further Pinterest are introducing cinematic pins which will take the consumer to a whole new level. This has already been trialled by large brand consumers and the outcome has been extremely encouraging.

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UK theatres status

Since 1990 some TMA (Theatrical Management Association) members had been sharing their sales return in order collated graph showinghow the trends in theatre attendance was changing, if at all. This data didn’t do the job – it was too small and inconsistent and many of the larger organisations were reluctant to share such personal data. However, in 2012 the Ambassadors Theatre Group and HQ Theatres agreed to release these figures on a weekly basis and it soon became clear that the previous results we had been getting were way off the mark. For instance, regional theatre was huge – some weeks selling more tickets than their West End counterparts.

Since 2012 more venues have started submitting their figures for analyses and it shows that in 2014 the total ticket sales for regional theatres reached 18 million equating to £428 million in box office revenue. If you add that to the West End figures for the same year you come out with a total of 32.5 million tickets sold and a combined box office income of over £1 billion. Now that data collection has been extended to give very important marketing information which can be fed back to the theatres for future reference and to help enormously with budgeting, advertising and pricing.

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Winter is coming: get ready for a new Penguin update

Yes, winter is coming and so is the next Penguin update from Google. The last update was one year ago and, since it was never refreshed automatically, caused a lot of work for webmasters but this time we can expect a real-time version so that any sites with suspect links will be dealt with immediately.

What does this mean for webmasters? It means that you should really be looking into your link profile now in preparation for Penguin. Anyway, it’s never a bad thing to keep your eye out for spam happening on your links – better safe than sorry. Analyse your backlinks, look out for anything out of the ordinary. Also, do not forget you internal links – these, after all, are links you have direct control over – keep them clean.

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Case study: ALRA 15/16 prospectus design

We partnered with ALRA (Academy of Live & Recorded Arts) to refresh their branding and unify their products. We wanted to get as far away from the old style as possible and we have managed that and more. The main objective was to produce a handbook that was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. With the use of large introduction images, leading to mosaic pages, with three or six images, this was achieved.

The information is presented in a clean design, surrounded by white space, symmetrical positioning and simple grid structures which makes the reader focus on what is most important that page. A brand new look for an exciting, contemporary academy.

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