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Bulletin | October 2015


This month we look at the new Apple iOS9 technology that will change the way search marketers structure their content. Google’s Alphabet has soared in the profit stakes. We’re set the task of rebranding a school that is rich in heritage. Facebook is adding search facilities to public posts and conversations and the time has come to rethink social media marketing.

Apple's iOS 9 has technologies and features with implications for search marketers

With the release of iOS9 in September of this year, Apple has made some changes that are going to be beneficial to search marketers. Indeed, if Apple wants to stay ahead of their competitors, marketers need to start optimizing all mobile content for the new Apple Search. This entails improving the relevance of the search results by implementing new APIs introduced by Apple, making sure that only the most important items that users are likely to search are being used, keep the indexes up to date, provide relevant information about the indexed items and make displaying the results as fast as possible. This is a change that should certainly not be ignored and it will be interesting to see how many marketers take full advantage of it.

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Google’s Alphabet 45% profit boom

Earlier in the year we reported on Google’s new parent company Alphabet and mentioned that it was one to watch. Well, in the past quarter the profit margin grew by an unbelievable 45% which equates to almost $4bn. This has been achieved mainly through the boost in mobile search advertising and the slowing down of growth in their operating expenses. Also a huge boost to Alphabet’s stock is that fact that the company bought back $5bn worth of its own stock – a move that excites investors because it raises the value of their own holdings.

Since Google took on the Alphabet structure in the beginning of October, this means we won’t have a clear indication of the various units until the company reports on their financial results next January.

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Case study: How Consider This UK refreshed St Paul's School & Colet Court's brand

Consider This UK was set a challenge by St Paul’s School: they wanted to come up with a brand that was current but, at the same time, retained the school’s heritage and visually stood out from similar schools.

So, how was this achieved?

The team at Consider This UK concentrated on the school’s most recognisable attributes, such as the coat of arms, its geographical position and distinguishing features. This was combined with inspiration from the pupils and the confidence they exuded.

Consider This UK looked over the competitors’ material and noticed there was a great similarity in what was being outputted. The main challenge here was to stay away from it and make St Paul’s School’s prospectus stand out from the many currently out there. This was a really challenging project but the Consider This UK team find these the most exciting and rewarding when the result is right – which we think we have done yet again!

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Facebook adds public posts to search

Improvements have been made to Facebook’s search facility that is going to see more ‘search activity’ going forward.

Those improvements include:

  • more timely and more personalised search suggestions,
  • the capacity to search public posts as well as friend’s posts
  • the ability to search public conversations

Facebook commented: ‘When a link gets shared widely on Facebook, it often anchors an interesting public conversation. Now there’s a new way to quickly dive into that discussion. With one tap, you can find public posts about a link, see popular quotes and phrases mentioned in these posts, and check out an aggregate overview of sentiment’. The updates will be available to iOS, Android and PC in US English.

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New social media marketing approach

Social media marketing is on the change and so should be our approach to its production. We have to get out of the habit of rolling out hourly updates that are seen by a select few and concentrate on fewer pieces that will be seen by thousands if not millions of users. Most brands churn out much more content than they need and the old adage ‘less is more’ couldn't be more applicable than it is here. Look at one or two promotional pieces a week but no more than eight per month.

This, of course, comes with a condition - these pieces have to be truly memorable and that means being imaginative and investing a bit more on an agency with, amongst other attributes, great storytelling abilities. This combined with a radical rethink on how video is used in your campaign, using humour to its full extent and not bombarding your audience with unnecessary data points. In fact, never has it been so vital to use an agency with its finger on the pulse.

Learn more about Consider This UK social media management offering.

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