Arts marketing, communication & design digest - October 2016

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In this month's digest we report on the closure of Drama UK, Snapchat's rebrand and new business venture and the decline of engagement with branded emails. We also look at our case study of branding Boss Creative Entertainment and ways to improve tracking ROI for your SEO activity.

Drama UK closes after mass exodus

Following from the last 12 months where several high-profile members quit the organisation, the training accreditation body Drama UK has decided to close its doors.

The painful decision follows the loss of members such as the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama – which includes RADA, LAMDA and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School – as well as the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Schools that remained include Drama Studio London, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

A statement issued by the Trustees of Drama UK stated the beginning of an ‘orderly closure’ of the company which with ‘significant changes in higher-education funding’ meant its role was ‘no longer required or sustainable’.

Trustee Pauline Tambling explained:

The drama schools that were independent in 2000, with no state funding, are now funded through the higher-education funding system. That means they get their accreditation and quality assurance via the state system and no longer need any accreditation from the industry.

In a letter sent out to all schools taking part in the organisation, Drama UK confirmed that forthcoming international showcases would go ahead as planned.

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Snapchat rebrands as Snap Inc and unveils 'Spectacles'

Last month we saw Snapchat not only go through a rebrand but also announce their decision to venture into the exciting world of hardware.

The rebrand, where the company is now called Snap Inc, has been coupled with the release of Spectacles – their £100 sunglasses with a camera built in. At the time of the launch, when users visited their website they were greeted with the following statement:

"Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together".

The move from being simply a social media company to now penetrating into hardware makes the brand more exciting and prevalent amongst their audience.

But what can you do with these Spectacles? Although we haven’t seen them yet, the product specifications state the ability to record videos up to 10 seconds and also to connect to the mobile app which allows the user to add pictures and videos to their 'Memories'.

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Marketers fail to engage targets with email

A study of over 3,000 professional office workers in Europe has thrown up the fact that, despite spending over a third of their day on emails, the open rate on branded emails has actually dropped by 10% on last year.

It seems that we cannot get enough of emails – reading and writing takes place round the clock – 79% of people surveyed check their emails outside office hours. 61% check them while they are on holiday and 42% check them in bed.

In the UK, it appears that smartphones are the most popular choice for engaging with emails although 22% say they will disengage with an email straight away if it isn’t optimised for the device they are using.

However, despite speculations of the downfall of emails, it remains one of our main sources of communication and that certainly does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

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B2B Marketing

Prepping SEO for 2017: it's all about the ROI

The fourth quarter of 2016 is here and this is the time when many companies begin to budget for the coming year. One of the priorities in that budget has become the ROI. In fact, Advertising Age has reported that intense demand for ROI is causing companies to replace their CMOs at a rapid rate — as much as a 48-percent turnover in top retailers.

What may appear to be a simple task has its hidden elements. Integrating tracking correctly can have its difficulties, especially when it comes to finding out what may be influencing channels and not the final purchasing channel. In an organic search (and SEO) this can sometimes be the case.

What’s the answer? Is there a way of integrating SEO in to the tracking mix and prove the organic search channel’s ROI? Try the following steps:

  1. Determine your attribution model
  2. Set up Google Search Console
  3. Optimise website analytics
  4. Integrate marketing automation and CRM
  5. Begin to measure and report
  6. Use conversion rate optimisation to improve organic conversion

By following the above list, you will certainly aid that integration. However, please always bear in mind that how you track your ROI may differ depending on the tools being used by your organisation. Speak to us about your SEO requirements.

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Case study: Boss Creative Entertainment

We worked in a project with BOSS Creative Entertainment and BOSS Talent Management, where their brief was to combine the two brands but keep their individuality.

Where to start? Well, the first things we had to ascertain were: Is there a cross-over between the brands/clients? Can both sides of the company benefit from an association with the other? And is it relevant to create one brand with two parts as opposed to the previous solution of two brands?

Once these questions were answered we were able to steam ahead, initially creating a new log that would bring the two separate elements together, retaining each element’s individuality whilst establishing it as part of a whole.

bosscreativeentertainment website2 850x284

Read the full case study:

Consider This | Boss Creative Entertainment | Branding

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