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Top 10 Social Media Tips

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In this current digital age, Social Media is a very effective marketing tool for businesses. Companies now have the power to publish content about themselves in order to reach a larger audience, listen to what their clients are saying about their product or service, and engage with others about important topics regarding their industry.

It's so important to understand how Social Media works and how best to utilise it so you can make the most of it.

Here are our top 10 tips on Social Media:

Pick a select number of platforms that best suit your business

There is no point signing up to loads of Social Media platforms because it would be impossible to manage them all effectively. Here at Consider This, when we speak to clients about Social Media Management, we recommend signing them up with four or five platforms that best suit their business.

We also research what platforms their target audience are using so we know that we are delivering the client's message to the right people.

Make your brand clear

It is important to make your brand recognisable to your followers, this includes using one logo design and colour palette. Using multiple logos will confuse your customers and prospective clients, and you could start losing potential business.

Our Social Media team like to make the most of our client's Social Media pages by using their logo as the profile picture and a branded header image, so when our clients’ customers search for them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other Social Media platform they are on, they can be instantly recognised.

Also, remember to fill out every section of your profile, for example 'About' and 'Contact Us'. This gives you the chance to show off your personality and business values which are important for brand reputation.

Engage with your audience

Don't use Social Media to hard sell your products and services as this will discourage your fans and could lead to you losing important followers, such as potential customers. Instead, use Social Media to engage with your followers.

We like to upload interesting content on our client's profiles that will spark a debate or increase traffic to their website. Also make sure you respond to positive and negative feedback from your target audience as this shows that you value their opinions.

Post when your target audience is online

Researching what times your target audience are online will help the reach and engagement of your posts. For example, if you are a dance school you will be targeting your posts to students and parents. So realistically the best times to be posting content would be in the morning around 9am, at lunchtime and after school from 4pm.

If you post content at random times of the day, your posts will generate little reach and engagement.

Use images to make your posts more attractive

Using images with your Social Media posts can make them more attractive to your target audience. You can be experimental with your images too. If you are like us and have your own in-house design team, use them to come up with different concepts to illustrate your content.

However, don’t overdo it - the more unattractive and busy your images are, the less chance your followers will want to view your content.

Consistency is key

This is so important in regards to your Social Media. Everything from your Brand Identity and Message, as well as the content you are posting, needs to stay consistent as this will build trust with your followers and build your reputation too. Your customers will notice if your message starts to change or if you post contradictory content, which will lead to them losing trust in your business.

Make sure you proofread your posts and check the source of any websites that you share. If the website has published an article that does not represent your Brand Message and Values, we suggest you do not share it.

Quality over quantity

This is an issue most businesses face. You need to stay active on your profile, but you don't want to be posting content three or four times a day that has no relevance to your target audience. We recommend posting quality content at least once a day that will interest your followers and encourage them to engage with the post, by either reacting to it (like, love, etc) or starting a conversation.

This will also entice your followers to return to your profile, or if they see on their newsfeed that you have posted something the next day they will be more encouraged to read it.

Offer something to attract potential customers

Reward potential customers for following or liking your page by offering a special discount or giveaway. This will encourage other people to follow you as well and it's also a great way to build relationships with your followers.

Once the number of followers increases, you can then start looking at competitions to reward people for their loyalty. All of this in turn will help to build trust with your customer-base.

Analyse the results of posts

Many Social Media platforms have their own analytics for you to track how well your posts are doing, so use them. Through analysing your posts, you will be able to spot when they are not performing as well as you hoped. This will give you the opportunity to go back and rethink your strategy.

If you are hosting a paid Social Media campaign, use the analytics to track post clicks, website clicks and conversions. Paid campaigns will reach more users than normal posts will so it is definitely worth considering, especially if you want to push a certain product or raise your brand awareness.

Incorporate Social Media into your overall Marketing campaign

Don't forget about your overall Marketing campaign - Social Media is only a segment of it. Incorporating all of your Marketing activities will raise your chances of success. Don't forget to set goals and objectives as to where you want your business to be in one, two and five years time. Having a realistic business plan makes all the difference.

All of the above will complement each other when implemented into your Social Media strategy successfully.

For more information about our Social Media Management services and how we can help you achieve your Social Media goals, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01895 619 900.

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