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Mobile phones are the most engaging platform for marketers

Research shows mobiles provide the most emotionally engaging screen for marketers

Research from around Europe as well as qualitative analysis and biometric testing has shown that the public is wide open to exploring new brands, do online shopping and search for travel information whilst relaxing. It also appears that the most common form of relaxation is watching television with a smartphone in hand. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that our smartphones are top of the list when it comes to commercial opportunities with almost half the users stating they actively use theirs to buy online or share information with others about possible purchases.

Yahoo's research shows mobiles are the most emotionally engaging

Yahoo's research has found that consumers are very receptive to most experiences delivered to them via their mobile devices. Not simply smartphones or Mobile Apps but growing quickly on their heels are the smartwatches and wearables which are taking on the market and becoming more and more relevant in engaging the consumer. Over three quarters of wearable owners say they use their device to supply details of day to day information and also for making contactless payments.

When asked about the finding of their research, Yahoo’s managing director, Nigel Clarkson, said:

As we evolve how brands get the right message to the right person, emotional and situational context must be part of the equation. This means considering the specific screen a consumer is using to consume content and the activity they’re engaged in when it’s delivered to them. Seamless moments must fit in with the primary activity at the time, via a channel where consumers are happy to be engaged."

He added:

This isn’t a case of ‘smartphones vs TVs’, but rather appreciating what different screens can do for different campaigns and clients. Multi-screen thinking should factor into every modern marketer’s media planning process. These findings underline that targeted, cross-screen content marketing and native advertising have a lasting position in brands’ efforts to engage consumers.

Another exciting part of the research showed that, within twelve months, virtual reality will become a large slice of consumer communication. At the time of the study, over two thirds of those researched said they would certainly wear equipment to enter a virtual world. This throws the door open to endless possibilities.

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