Consider This: avoid these social media time wasters

Joining too many social media networks

Social media marketing has become a crucial tactic to engage and interact with customers in the modern world of marketing, after all, 2.8 billion people were actively using social media at the end of 2016. Indeed, social media is an undeniably effective marketing strategy but that being said, it is all too easy to find yourself wasting time on these platforms.

Now, while it may be acceptable to waste time on social media as a consumer, it would be problematic to do so as a business. This is simply because wasted time means wasted effort, not to mention that your resources and opportunities for growth take a nosedive.

So what are the various time wasters and how do you avoid them? We are going to be looking at these over a series of blogs, the first one being: joining too many social media networks.

Social media time waster #1: joining too many networks

Many businesses make the mistake of believing that social media marketing success is obtained by joining every single social media network, but this is far from the truth. Social media marketing is only effective when you are able to devote time each day to maintaining your account, a feat which is simply not possible if you find yourself with ten different accounts.

Thus, trying to be a jack of all trades when it comes to social media marketing will ultimately backfire as you will be unable to give each account the attention it deserves, leading to hindered growth and the inability to produce desired results.

Aside from not having enough focus, joining too many networks could also mean that you are investing time, effort and, potentially, money in platforms your target market may not even be interested in / active on.

The solution

There is an easy fix to overcome this particular social media time waster: adopt a narrower focus. Opt for a more strategic, targeted approach when selecting your social networks instead of trying to join all of them.

This will involve experimenting with different networks in order to pinpoint the one(s) that give you the best results. Once you have discovered them, focus your efforts solely on those accounts - this is the only way to achieve the most efficient use of the time and resources you spend on social media.

While you are trying to find the best social networks for your business, here are some facts to help you get started:

  • LinkedIn is the ideal channel for B2B dealings and professional networking
  • Instagram and Pinterest are suited to visual companies that can offer rich image and video content regularly
  • Twitter and Facebook are generally suitable for any /all types of businesses and are ideal for engaging with customers on a more personal level

Now that you are aware of how joining too many social media networks can be an inefficient use of your time, take the necessary steps to fix this bad habit using this guide.

If you are still unsure of how to find the best networks for your business, our expert team can provide you with help and guidance based on targeted research to determine the best platforms for you. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with us today.

Coming up next in the series...

Up next in the series - Social media time waster #2: losing the 'social' element.

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