Branding and Corporate Identity | Bira London

New beer brand Bira London contacted Consider This with an idea to develop a fresh brand identity focused on its specific audience and their heritage. We were excited to take on this project and deliver results beyond the client's expectations.

Our creative team started by creating a selection of designs based on the brief we received from the client.

branding bira design briefs

From this, we selected the two designs we felt were best suited to the vision communicated to us by the client and proceeded to create several mock-ups of the potential bottle caps.

branding bira design mocukups

However, on account of the high manufacturing costs, we jettisoned the customised bottle caps, opting for a more cost-effective option instead. After finalising the design, we presented several variations to the client.

branding bira design variatons

Once the client had selected the design deemed to be the best fit, it was adapted to a squared shape, as this drastically helped reduce manufacturing printing costs.

branding bira design selected

We are thoroughly pleased with the final product, as is the client. The brand was launched in December 2016 and is now available in many outlets in London including restaurants and bars around the city. Read Bira London's testimonial on the results we achieved here.

Here are a few shots of the Bira London beer in different restaurants supermarkets and shops around the city.

  • Bira Bottle with red berries
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Please see the testimonial from Ibrahim Dogus, Bira London about their experience in working with us.

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