Liverpool Theatre School | Multi-layered Marketing

Liverpool Theatre School approached Consider This with a brief to reinforce the online presence of the school, raise awareness of its courses in the regional area and across the UK, increase the number of student applications and enhance new student recruitment.

To achieve these objectives we devised and implemented a multi-layered marketing strategy which included creating a new brand, website development, multi-media advertising campaigns and social media management.

Branding and logo

We created and designed a new brand and logo refresh to work across all schools materials, including the new website, and also updated stationary items, i.e. letterhead, business cards, compliment slips, with the new design. The bold and striking concept ensured the client's brand stood out and is instantly recognisable.

LTS marketing campaign: stationary items & pullup banner

The logo worked on many levels, and it was important the client had ownership and understanding of the reasoning behind our choices. On an instant visual level, the simplicity of the L in a circle is something that engages the target audience. On a more subtle level, tilting the L slightly adds an interesting aspect and also represents the shape of the river Mersey.

Website design and build

The new website was designed and developed to reinforce Liverpool Theatre School's online presence and enhance the user experience. Brand continuity and development are vital when implementing a new brand identity. We ensured guidelines were adhered to whilst embracing the flexibility of the new brand.

LTS marketing campaign: website design & development

The structure and content was organised to facilitate seamless functionality and easy navigation, ensuring that vital information was prominent on all pages. By the second quarter of 2016, website traffic had grown by 226% in terms of monthly visits.

Multi-media advertising

We developed multi-media advertising campaigns focused on student recruitment to achieve the objectives stated in the client's brief. These were delivered via printed advertising, email marketing and social media. Our efforts yielded positive results; the e-shots, for instance, performed 600 - 800% above the industry standard.

Social media and community management

Twitter, Facebook and Google My Business profiles were set up for the client which incorporated the new brand and logo. We also managed these channels, posting relevant school-based and industry-focused content regularly, engaging with followers and promoting Liverpool Theatre School's courses, delivering a year-on-year growth of 49.5% on Facebook and 7.6% on Twitter in the second quarter of 2016.

LTS marketing campaign: social media management

Overall, by working with us, the client found that their business performed better, particularly in terms of student applications and auditions which saw a considerable increase.

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