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Hillingdon Borough Council web development

Hillingdon Borough Council approached us late in 2013 with an exciting and challenging proposition. As part of its commitment to the Transport for London Stars Scheme (School Travel Accredited and Recognised) it wanted to streamline and enhance the process of collating information supplied by local schools to validate its submission for Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation.

Hillingdon gave us a detailed brief on how the current system it was using needed to be developed. On reviewing how the STARS scheme worked and how Hillingdon was working within it, our web development and strategy teams put their heads together and came up with a totally new, ground breaking approach to not only simplify the accreditation process, but also to create a web application that significantly helped Hillingdon engage the local schools, the children, parents, and local communities in its road safety and travel plan. 

School Travel Plan Web Application

The concept was refreshingly simple. We were to build the School Travel Plan web application from the schools' and councils' point of view rather than as a complicated, time-consuming submission process of all the schools' details to TFL.

Hillingdon Borough Council school travel plan

Instead of building up mountains of administration to be submitted at the close of each school year we broke the school submission process up into small bite-size news and events that could be uploaded throughout the year and presented like a social media feed.

Each event could then be pre-approved by the council and immediately viewed on the Hillingdon School Travel Plan website in a blog/social media-style, keeping the schools and community engaged and committed to the program. 

The online system was incredibly easy to use at all levels, built on the premise of Command, Action and Result.

  • Level One, as a teacher, simply submitting ‘hands-up surveys’ in class on how students travel to school.
  • Level Two, as a School Administrator, collating the information from the teachers and any relevant events and submitting to the local Council.
  • Level Three, as the Council School Travel Plan Manager, pre-approving individual initiatives and submissions, offering guidance, managing website content and submitting schools for TFL accreditation

Hillingdon Borough Council web development

To keep schools engaged throughout the year we added local council merits to the process and created a league table where schools could be awarded the merit points and climb the league table ranks within their Bronze, Silver or Gold categories.

Healthy competition between schools which only benefit the students, schools, local community and the environment.

Hillingdon Borough Council website development 

The package was neatly rounded off with an internal messaging system where advice or clarification could be requested from the Council, and an internal school-to-school forum, creating a hub to discuss initiatives and share ideas. Hillingdon Borough Council is delighted with the final product. 

I couldn’t have asked for more! The end result is incredible, with an easy-to-use product that should have cost so much more than Consider This delivered it for!Mhairi StephensHillingdon Road Safety and SchoolTravel Manager

We are very excited to now be in a position to offer this solution to all other UK boroughs and councils, with the blessing and support of Hillingdon. Please check out our “Let’s Go Online Schools’ Travel Plan".

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